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students ing scholarships

The young people were benefited with an internship from the German Academic Exchange Service and the Neale-Silva scholarship.

As a reward for the effort, students of Industrial Civil Engineering of the University of La Serena, Josué Neira Vallejos and Darío Placencio Hidalgo, qualify for scholarships to improve in important institutions abroad.

Josué Neira, has just returned to Chile, after spending a year in Germany thanks to the scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Dienst). The student of 5º year studied at the University of Aachen, gaining valuable experience for his professional future. "It all started when I saw the posters installed in the ULS, I investigated and decided to apply. I did all the preparatory process and the 5 of August of 2013 I started to this great experience. The cultural shock is quite big, Germany is very different from Chile in many ways, it is not about being better or worse, it is different. It is another way of seeing life, of doing things, "says Josué.

The student also confesses that language is the most difficult, because despite intense preparation in Chile, German is complex and requires a lot of study and dedication. "There I took two intensive language courses and then I went straight to the university, I took several courses related to my career, there one can notice the similarities and differences we have, especially in the way in which problems are faced", express.

For this student, receiving the scholarship and staying one year in Germany was a positive experience both personally and academically, because when he returned he could realize that there are things that do not require much effort to be improved. "Only a change of attitude is necessary, since the knowledge is the same, the difference is how to use what we have at our disposal," he said.

Josue pointed out that thanks to this possibility, he definitely contemplates returning to Germany or another country when finishing his career to do a postgraduate degree. "Studying abroad is a good decision," he said.

For his part, expectant and excited is Darío Placencio, also from 5º year, who will study a year in the United States after obtaining the Neale-Silva scholarship, aimed at Chilean citizens who wish to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This scholarship was created by Professor Eduardo Neale-Silva, who forged a permanent and special union between his native country, Chile, and his educational homeland, a fact that today favors young people like Darío.

"My concern was born because I saw other colleagues from the university who, after traveling abroad, experienced a very positive change. It caught my attention and made me want to have that same experience, although I thought it would be much later. Having the possibility of traveling undergraduate is fascinating, "said the young man who was particularly interested in studying in the United States.

His case is different, since with perseverance and a lot of patience he dedicated himself to look for exchange programs and scholarships until he was able to complete the requirements and apply. "It's not easy, the places are limited, but I was confident that everything would be fine," Darío said. In addition, he added that there he will be free to take any course, but without a doubt his intention is to strengthen knowledge in the areas of Human Resources, Management and Planning, along with perfecting English.

Both consider that obtaining a scholarship of this type and being able to study abroad is a reward for effort and dedication. They dare to encourage other students to achieve these goals, putting a special delivery in the studies from the first year, pass the branches, get a good opinion of the teachers and put the best effort to be good students to achieve these significant achievements, for them and their families.