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These are exchange students from Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

Students from different countries, who are participating in the academic exchange program of the University of La Serena (2º Semester 2014), had the opportunity to share their experiences, customs and culture with ULS students and the university community in general. in the second version of the International Fair, organized by the International Relations Office of the institution.

With great enthusiasm, students from Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Colombia, mounted and attended the various stands arranged in the Hall of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, becoming an instance to give relevant information about their houses of study. , along with the traditions and typical foods of their countries.

Lukas Ladig, who comes from Germany (TU Dresden) and attends Commercial Engineering courses, said that this activity allowed Chilean students "to know our country, ask us questions; Maybe someone is interested in going to Germany or the other countries. "

It was also the opportunity for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), to provide information on the exchange programs that students of the University of La Serena can choose.

Precisely, since the DAAD began to work closely with the U. de La Serena, the number of German students who decide for an academic semester in the ULS, has increased considerably. In this second semester, for example, there are seventeen exchange students belonging to the prestigious German universities: Dresden Technique, Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Hochschule München and RWTH Aachen Higher Technological School of Rhineland-Westphalia.

2 exchangeThis is the case of Susanne Wagner, who studies Tourism at Hochschule München. "We have seven different classes that we must pass, to also spend our semester in Germany (...). We are three girls from Germany in our class and we always meet with the other students to talk more and learn (...). They are all super friendly, "said the student, who added that he chose South America as a destination to practice his Spanish and Chile to be recognized as the safest country on the continent.

The young people of Germany are joined by students from the universities of Valencia (Spain), Autónoma de Baja California (Mexico) and Antioquia (Colombia), and from the American colleges of Middleburry and St. Norbert, who were very happy for participating in this fair and having the opportunity to study at the state institution of the Coquimbo Region.

Orientation Program

Prior to this International Fair, during the first days of August, exchange students actively participated in the Orientation Program, promoted by the Office of International Relations, coordinated by the Mg. Dietmut Graeff. These days of induction to foreign students contemplated visits to different university units. Among these, the Department of Physical Education and Sports (for details of the offer of sports courses), the Bicentennial Monumental Clock, the Mineralogical Museum, the El Brillador School Mine, the General Directorate of Student Affairs (to obtain information on the extracurricular courses and the National Student Card) and the Irma Salas Library.

They also toured some touristic and heritage sites in the city of La Serena, such as the Japanese Park and the Archaeological and Regional History Museum President Gabriel González Videla, among others.

During the development of this Program, in addition, the students chose and enrolled the subjects to be studied, carried out a group work on personalities that gave name to the different ULS Campus (Ignacio Domeyko, Isabel Bongard, Enrique Molina Garmendia and Andrés Bello) and They watched Chilean cinema.

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