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On the occasion, the conference "Planetary Engineering, the challenge for the Engineering of the future", was held by Ing. Manuel Viera, Ceo & Managing Partner of Metaproject Holding.

In the CETECFI Conference Room, this August 26 was held the ceremony to commemorate the thirty-third anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena, together with the hundred and twenty-seventh anniversary of the creation of the former School of Mines of La Serena.

The activity was attended by university authorities, headed by the Rector (s), Dr. Jorge Catalán, Department and School directors, academics, officials, students, alumni and special guests.

In the opportunity, the dean of the macro unit, Dr. Ing. Alberto Cortés, said that in recent years, the Faculty has worked in the constant pursuit of academic excellence, "in being leaders in the training of professionals, continuously improve the quality of teaching and generate various agreements, projects and research that have allowed us to link with the environment and thus be able to capture this knowledge in the academy.

Similarly, the dean of Engineering gave details of the progress made in the accreditation of careers; curricular renewal of the programs; training of academics; decrease in titling rates; linkage with companies of an international nature; subscription of agreements; development of research projects; among others.

2 aniv ingRegarding the challenges of the macro-unit, he maintained that there is a long way to go, "we must continue to train professionals and postgraduates with the solid scientific and technological base that characterizes us, complement the training of students in the Humanist areas, always contributing to the development sustainable, to improve the quality of life of society, continue to support our academics to conduct research in those areas of their competence and continue to generate networks, links and links with the environment. "

After his speech, the conference entitled: "Planetary Engineering, the challenge for Engineering of the future", was held by Ing. Manuel Viera, Ceo & Managing Partner of Metaproject Holding, Ph.D. Financial & Mining Economics, Senior Mining Engineer and whose professional experience was forged, in its beginnings, in the classrooms of this Faculty.


During this act, the Faculty of Engineering, presented awards to the academician of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Ing. Mario Durán, the academic of the Department of Food Engineering, Dr. Mario Pérez, and the academic Department of Industrial Engineering, ing. Moisés Villablanca, in recognition of his 30 years of dedication and performance of his functions within the University.

In addition, distinctions were given to the academic of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ing. Mauricio Godoy, who has completed 20 years of academic work, and the academician of the Department of Architecture, Oscar Rojas, in recognition of his outstanding work as director of the mentioned unit (2011-2014).

For his part, the civil engineer in mines of the ULS, Mauricio Barraza, received the "Distinguished Professional" Prize, awarded to a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering that has occupied a relevant space within the professional field in the country.

The Department of Mining Engineering, meanwhile, recognized Patricia Narváez and José Ceballos for their professional career and their contribution to the teaching of Geology to the students of Mining Engineering at the former Technical University of the State, La Serena Headquarters .

The Bells Ceremony

An important moment of this commemoration was the traditional Ceremony of the Bells, activity developed in the Plaza del Alumni of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus to celebrate the 127 years of the former School of Mines of La Serena and in which university authorities, managers, academics , students and graduates, rang the bell like those students and teachers who met at midnight of the 25 in August of the first years of that School.

3 aniv ing"These traditional activities lead institutions to endure over time, respecting and valuing their origin. Knowing the history of our institution, is necessary for the feeling of our own identity, without it, we misunderstand the present and we can hardly project the future, "said the director of the Department. of Ing. de Minas, Dr. Eng. Alfonso Carvajal, adding that the School of Mines is one of the fundamental pillars of the ULS and that to take care of and respect these pillars, "it is everyone's task".

The presidents of the Student Centers of the Engineers of Execution in Mines, Civil Engineers of Mines and Environmental Civil Engineers, Jonathan Veliz, Edison Herrera and Javier Guamán, and representing the graduates also gave their greetings. of the year 1964, Domingo Munizaga.

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