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The event includes various artistic expressions, stands of schools and local artists, cultural workshops, and a space for the Stories of the Companies.

Next Friday 5 will be held the Culture and Education meeting of the Companies "History, Art and Identity", organized by the Education and Culture Bureau of the Companies, coordinated by the Regional Center for Studies and Development Education of the University of La Serena, CREDEULS, with the sponsorship of the Municipal Delegation, the House of Culture of the I. Municipality of La Serena and the Carmen Goudie Foundation.

This Board has sought to form an inclusive and supportive network, aimed at both the appreciation of local culture. It has the active participation of the power of the schools Arturo Prat, Alonso de Ercilla, Villa San Bartolomé, Darío Salas and Carlos Condell of the Gabriel González Videla Corporation, of kindergartens, the Mistral Center of the ULS, and of various actors, media and cultural organizations in the sector.

The Meeting of Culture and Education is a collective fruit of this Board that aims to generate a space for dissemination, exchanges and learning of different expressions and forms of culture of the Companies, in the belief that the education of our children It is a task shared among schools, families and the community.

The event includes a set of simultaneous activities: various artistic expressions on the stage, stands of schools and local artists, cultural workshops, and a space for the Stories of the Companies, within the Delegation.

In this framework, neighbors and the community in general are invited to participate and enrich with their presence this event on Friday 5 in September, from the 09: 30 to the 13: 30 hours, which will be held on Esmeralda Street N ° 2422 (in front of the Municipal Delegation of the Companies).