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The dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the ULS, addressed the relevance of the accreditation of the career of Journalism and its vision with respect to the level reached by the races attached to this macro unit.

With great satisfaction authorities and members of the university community, have received the news of the accreditation for 5 years obtained by the career of Journalism of the University of La Serena. This achievement crowns a successful process carried out by the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences (FACSE) as a whole, aimed at achieving a standard of excellence for each of their careers.

The dean of FACSE, Mg. Jorge Fernández Labra, referred to the achievement of this task and the joint work he represented. "In the recent processes, Commercial Engineering, obtained 6 years; Audit, 4 years; Pedagogy in History and Geography, 5 years; and now Journalism also achieves a quinquennium. The average number of years of accreditation of the FACSE careers is five years and it is the first Faculty of the University that has accredited all the courses that may be subject to the accreditation process. This excellent result has been obtained with the work of all members of the Faculty: academics, students and officials who have contributed with enthusiasm and deployed all their efforts to successfully complete these processes. I take this opportunity to thank the collaboration of all the members of the journalism career, who with their contribution allowed to achieve this goal, "he said.

The dean pointed out that the "Faculty has a commitment to quality and has been working for some years in order to accredit all their careers through processes for a systematic assurance of quality."

To the process of continuous improvement have been added from the 2013 the new careers of Engineering in Business Administration and Law. In this regard, as Dean Fernandez said, "new careers can be accredited once they have their first generation of graduates. We trust that the results will be similar because in both races, we are very proud of the excellent reception, high PSU average of income and the high demand for all the offered places ".

On the accreditation of Journalism, the authority said that within the greatest strengths presented by the School, is the high level of job skills that it delivers to its students. "This was demonstrated in the professionals who came to accompany us in the self-assessment process, attended by people very well positioned in the labor market and who also feel very identified with the training that their School gave them and which is expressed in their permanent connection" , he maintained.

Fernandez said that "for students who belong to the race today, this excellent result is a guarantee of quality, since there are very few specialty careers accredited in the country. This is a source of pride for all and ultimately means that the School of Journalism of the ULS, is an excellent trainer of future generations of journalists.

"I can only thank once more the director of the School of Journalism, the team that wrote the self-assessment report, those who collaborated with the excellent response given to the report of the peers and all the teachers and students by the effort made and the achievement obtained, "said the dean of FACSE.

Internal policy

Dean Fernandez said that to achieve these objectives, the Faculty has a process of supervision, analysis and support for the Schools. "As a policy, FACSE encourages accreditation, through its various instances. It supervises these processes and permanently supports the careers included in the evaluation process, has a committee that reviews the self-evaluation report delivered by the School, makes observations if necessary, and ensures the adequate delivery of information to the agencies. relevant, making the respective scopes to improve, "he explained.

The authority added that this management initiated in the previous administration by Dr. Luperfina Rojas, has been continued and reinforced. In this way, careers are actively supported throughout the accreditation process, coordinated at all times with the Accreditation Office, the Institutional Studies and Planning Department and the Teaching Directorate. "It is an arduous process that lasts many months but has paid off," he said.

Finally, the dean noted that "we are with a permanent concern for quality as a dynamic process, reaching higher goals every day. This culture has been incorporated into all FACSE Schools and is already internalized, both by academics and by students. There is certainly a permanent work of the directors of departments, full-time teachers, part-time staff and officials, which reaches all spheres and has made it possible to meet the goals ".