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rector election

The current Rector of the state squad was reelected in office after obtaining the 54,30% of the votes, exceeding in the first round, by more than double, his closest competitor.

Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, was re-elected in the first round as Rector of the University of La Serena for the next four years, after obtaining the 54,30% of the votes and surpassing the other three candidates who participated in this election.

The current Rector of the ULS achieved 340 suffrages in favor of the 634 counted in this process in which the academician of the Dept. of Chemistry, Dr. Iván Fernández, reached the 25,48% of the votes, the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Gustavo Labbé, an 12,90%, and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Alberto Cortés, the 7,32% of the votes.

Dr. Aviles, along with thanking the support received, expressed his satisfaction for the re-election, noting that this result "reflects the recognition of the work we have done during these years." In addition, he said that now we must look forward, "there are many tasks to undertake, great challenges and project our University towards superior quality. This is possible because we have a community that has shown that it is totally committed to its institution. "

"Our University must continue to develop and grow because the demands are high. We have made important progress, but given the dynamism of Higher Education, it is required that institutions continue to strengthen and develop more and more. I am confident that as a community we will continue to work in the same way and with much more strength, "said Dr. Avilés, adding that among the closest challenges are job security for academics and non-academics, further strengthen the University in the Research and Postgraduate areas, and the conduct of the process of participation and democratization of the University after the repeal of the DFL2, which also implies a more active participation of the student and non-academic classes.

The Rector's election process for the 2014-2018 period was developed this August 28, from the 08: 30 hrs. until the 16: 30 hrs., in the Pentagon Hall of the ULS, and was characterized by its tranquility and high attendance at the polls, being 235 the academics who paid (92,51%), a universe of 254 academic electors.