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The participating professors and professionals evaluated the accomplishment of this activity in which details of the curricular renovation and accreditation processes of the house of studies and the 2015 Admission were delivered.

Near 80 representatives of educational establishments of La Serena, Coquimbo, Tongoy, Ovalle, Andacollo, Vicuña, Paihuano, Punitaqui and Vallenar, convened the traditional "Meeting of Directors and Guidance 2014" of the University of La Serena.

The activity, organized by the Protocol and Communications Department of the ULS, included presentations by the Head of the Teacher Improvement Unit, Dr. Pamela Labra, the Coordinator of the Accreditation Office, Mr. Alejandro Cruzat, and the Chief of Admission and enrollment, Eduardo Rojo, who shared with educators, important background about the curricular renewal of the undergraduate programs of the corporation, the processes of institutional accreditation and careers, and the Admission 2015 process and the Selection Test University, respectively.

The general secretary of the house of higher studies, Mg. Sergio Zepeda, on behalf of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, thanked the presence of directors and counselors of the various colleges and lyceums of the region and other points of the country, indicating that this body seeks to support the work they do with the teaching students average, next to give a transcendental step for its future. Similarly, the authority stressed that it is important to strengthen this link, "because for the University of La Serena, it is essential that the community perceives it as what it is, a public institution with open doors, committed to excellence education and regional development ".

2 meetingFor its part, the coordinator of the Protocol and Communications Directorate Mg. Karina Damke, said that "within the framework of the organization of this meeting we look for ways to show the directors and counselors the evolution that our University has had in recent years, both in terms of teaching and infrastructure, and in this sense I think that we achieved it, because those who participated in this activity managed to know that we have a renewed university, which is oriented to the training of excellent professionals ". The coordinator added that this activity allows to continue linking the institution with the municipal, subsidized and private establishments, being one of the activities of the promotion program that the ULS implements each year in the framework of the diffusion of its institutional task and its academic offer .

In this sense, the directors, counselors, psychologists and heads of participating UTP, evaluated the meeting, the topics covered in this version and the possibility they had to formulate consultations on the topics addressed. "I really liked visiting the University of La Serena again. The talks have been more than fabulous, I liked the topics, the exhibitors were very clear. Once again one is better informed, since our educational reality and our students need this information and we, at the same time, will try to deliver it as faithfully as possible, "said Iván Anticevic, coordinator of the Pedagogical Technical Unit of Estela Liceo Ávila Molina of Ovalle.

For his part, David Valdebenito, academic director of the Amazing Grace School of La Serena, highlighted the information given by the exhibitors, which denotes the growth of the house of studies. "The careers that are being taught are becoming more and more solid, I hope that our college students can apply to this University with great renown," he said.

3 meetingWhile Professor Jazmín Olivares, of the Francisco Palau School in La Serena, thanked "the possibility offered as an establishment. "The day seemed very good to me, very close, from the deal and also all the material that they have given us," he said.

It should be noted that the attendees of this meeting received 2015 promotional material from the U. de La Serena and they also learned about the work and activities carried out by the Extension Department and the Graduate Monitoring and Institutional Studies offices. Institutional and Planning Studies) of the state establishment. Two scholarships were also raffled to participate in the courses offered by the Training Office of the ULS.

The activity, developed in the Pentagon Hall, was attended by university authorities, managers, heads of units and professionals of the U. de La Serena.