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The meeting was attended by 30 students of first and second year of the career attached to the Faculty of Sciences of the ULS.

In the premises of the University of La Serena the First Days of Critical Patient of the Fourth Region were developed, co-organized by the Intensive Kinesiology Society of the IV Region and the Kinesiology career of this house of higher studies.

In the activity, aimed at physicians, kinesiologists, nurses and students from various educational institutions in the area, the management and intensive care of critical patients was addressed. To do this, several exhibitions were carried out by renowned doctors and kinesiologists from Santiago and the hospitals of Coquimbo and La Serena.

To these First Days of Critical Patient of the Fourth Region, sponsored by Hemisur, IV Medical, Hospital San Pablo Coquimbo, Hospital of La Serena and Covidien, attended by 70 people, of which 30 were students of first and second year of the Kinesiology career of the ULS.

day kine 2Alfredo Gary, director of the Kinesiology career, stressed that this first meeting "is of great relevance for the development of kinesiology at the regional level and future national level, also considering the current situation of careers in the area of ​​health in the country and the education reform ".

In addition, the academic pointed out that, through this type of initiatives, it seeks to produce the regionalization of a scientific society such as Intensive Kinesiology and, at the same time, enhance the career of Kinesiology in the region, "with a direct link with the hospitals of La Serena and Coquimbo, and with the professionals ".

Mechanical ventilation workshops

Along with the exhibitions, the development of three mechanical ventilation workshops was contemplated. One of these was carried out in the Hospital de Coquimbo and the other two in dependencies of the U. de La Serena with non-invasive mechanical ventilation.