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David Covarrubias, coordinator of Canal Novasur of the National Television Council, was the rapporteur of these workshops.

"Reflect more critically on what we see on television and in the audiovisual media," said David Covarrubias, coordinator of Canal Novasur of the National Television Council, regarding the objectives of the Workshops for the creation of Media Monitors, which They counted with the participation of the students of Television III of the career of Journalism of the University of La Serena. The activity was carried out in two sessions, in which the students analyzed advertising spots and news headlines from different channels of public television in the country.

The workshops were well accepted by the students, who, apart from analyzing the material exposed during the talks, clarified the pertinent doubts about the role of monitor that they must meet once they replicate these activities in different schools, unions or groups of any kind, explained Covarrubias. The CNTV representative also thanked the students for their willingness, "I found them very expectant, they also have a very critical and diverse look in the sense that they manage to identify elements that are not perceived so easily, that generates a lot of learning and experiences for them" .

2 journalismThe impressions of the participants were also noted. "I think that this activity serves to expand knowledge in the audiovisual area and related to advertising, since we have a critical knowledge but people in general only consume television," said Rocío Trincado. While for Felipe Díaz it meant "to internalize more my audiovisual knowledge and to see from another perspective the commercials that they transmit on television".

This is how a new workshop conducted by the CNTV in conjunction with the School of Journalism of the ULS, and just wait to collect the experiences that students will get during these months they will have to carry out their modules.

Source: http://periodismo.userena.cl/