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Special incomes


2019 YEAR

DATES OF APPLICATIONS: Wednesday 22 from November to Friday 28 from December of the 2018. The University of La Serena receives applications for transfer of career and special income according to the vacancies available for the following careers:

Civil Industrial Engineering, Civil Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering Mines, Environmental Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Food Engineering, Agronomic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Commercial Engineering, Architecture, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing, Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Mathematics and Physics, Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, Bachelor in Physics, Bachelor in Mathematics, Chemistry, Dentistry, Kinesiology, Audit, Bachelor in Astronomy, Journalism, Pedagogy in History and Geography, Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, Basic General Pedagogy (Ovalle), Pedagogy in Music Education, Bachelor of Music, Pedagogy in Differential Education, Pedagogy in Parvular Education, English Spanish Translation, Design, Engineering in Business Administration.

Applications are received for the following cases:

  1. Regular students with a score equal to or higher than the last one enrolled at the University of La Serena in the year 2018 who wish to change careers of this or other Institutions of Higher Education and who comply with the Regulation of Studies Regime.
  2. Regular students with a minimum of four semesters approved in this or other Chilean or foreign higher education institutions, who wish to change to the same or a different degree and who comply with the Regulation of Studies Regime of the University of La Serena.
  3. Chilean applicants or foreigners who have completed their studies of Secondary Education (or equivalent) in a foreign country and who meet the requirements to enter higher education in that country.
  4. Applicants who hold a university degree or academic degree who wish to start a different career.
  5. Persons wishing to perform, as an extraordinary student, courses not conducive to professional or academic degree.

Transfer Documents

  • Concentration of Notes (University)
  • Study Programs Approved Subjects (5 maximum years of seniority at the time of application)
  • Curriculum
  • Regular Student Certificate
  • PSU scores
  • Certificate certifying that there are no academic impediments to continueStudies at the University of origin

Special Income to Pedagogy Law 20.903

  • Applications are received from Pedagogies of the University of La Serena to students who meet the 50 Percentile of the PSU.


Admission and Registration Department, University of La Serena, Benavente 980 first floor, phone (51) 2 204082.

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Admission and Registration Department
University of La Serena
Benavente #980, first floor, La Serena
Fonos: 51 2 204082
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