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The elective that will be taught through the Digital Campus called Development and Management of the creative process, considers four teaching hours per week and is aimed at all students of the University.

From the second semester the students of the University of La Serena will be able to access the elective “Development and Management of the creative process”, a completely online subject that is already available on Digital Campus http://campus.userena.digital.

For Mauricio Castillo, Coordinator of the Department of Extracurricular Activities this initiative, “I was pleasantly surprised by the result. The work behind the development of this workshop exceeds expectations, a very well carried out job, we had several meetings in which our programs and the work of the Digital Campus were adapted in a very interesting way. So we expect the results to be the same way, ”he says, adding that“ the offer has had a very good reception from the students, which we even had to support with a second theory, ”he said.

For the Director of the DGAE, Mg. Miguel Zuleta, the main objective is to “deliver the best to our students, so that they do well and are good professionals. This course enhances creativity, is very well aimed and will help students to develop new skills that will be useful when they are already professionals, ”he said.

The elective who has four teaching hours per week, seeks that students can develop skills that allow them to generate creative solutions to the various situations they face, diversifying their possibilities for creating and implementing ideas in their respective areas of knowledge.

Mauricio Juica, psychologist by profession and tutor of the subject expects students to “live the elective as something entertaining and challenging. The fact of being 100% e-learning does not take away from it, and at the same time it includes several activities that involve playing, going outside, 'going crazy' ... seeing things from another perspective and above all creating, ”he explained.

Likewise, the professional appreciated that the “University has instances to do innovative things towards students and that it is open to new ways of teaching. I thank the Campus Digital team of professionals and the DGAE for making this course possible. ”

Finally, the Head of Digital Campus, Humberto Farías, indicated that “this subject is relevant in two dimensions, first it confirms to the University of La Serena as a leading institution in the creation of educational content dictated in e-learning modality at the level national, priority objective of the Digital Campus. And it is also evidence of the concern for offering its students different modalities that allow them to develop their training process in a framework of quality and flexibility, ”he said.

How to register?

The registration period is from 03 to August 19 and is done in the same way as the rest of the subjects corresponding to the second semester, that is, through the Phoenix platform.
To access the Digital Campus the student must do so with his email @alumnosuls, where he will receive the access account to our platform.

If the student does not have his institutional mail, he must request his creation to the Computer and Computer Center (CICULS).

Source: Digital Campus