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The July 10 is the last day to submit requested documentation.

There are few days left to carry out the MINEDUC benefits suspension process -Free, scholarships and credit of the Solidarity Fund (FSCU) -, which gives the student the possibility of resuming benefits when, due to force majeure, they must temporarily suspend His studies.

benefits2The maximum period of suspension of a tariff scholarship is one academic year (two consecutive semesters). In the case of the credit of the Solidarity Fund, it can be extended for a period up to an additional 50% of the formal duration of the career, a term that is not delayed or extended if the student decides to suspend their studies; while Gratuity allows suspension without semester limit.

For the suspension of benefits there are eleven grounds for suspension. Reviewing and identifying the cause is the responsibility of the student who must then support it with the suspension form, plus the requested documentation (as the case may be).

Before performing the procedure, the Student Welfare Department recommends the student request time through their Phoenix platform with the career social worker to receive advice.

The steps to perform the process are:

Step 1: Make respective application in the Academic Register according to the deadlines established in the Academic Calendar.

Step 2: Complete MINEDUC benefits suspension form

Step 3: Collect the documentation according to cause of suspension

Step 4: Submit a request for suspension of Academic Registration, MINEDUC suspension form and supporting documents at the headquarters of the Student Welfare Department.

Please note: If the student entered via the PACE program, they must request an interview with a program professional.

This process has 2 stages. The University evaluates the cases that meet the requirements and sends them to the MINEDUC, then the ministerial entity verifies the background and authorizes or not the suspension of the benefit.

It is very important that the process be carried out during the deadlines set by the University, since not reporting a suspension in a timely manner can mean the loss of the benefit.

Written by Carlos Carvajal, DGAE