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Benefits are granted to outstanding students.

Last Wednesday, a ceremony for the granting of scholarships to students from the University of La Serena by the Alumni Center of the University of Chile was held, which year after year commits to resources for students of the regional house of studies.

becas2This year, 6 are young people who, in response to their academic merits and socioeconomic status, receive scholarships granted by alumni and the Department of Student Welfare belonging to the General Directorate of Student Affairs.

The official delivery of the benefits was made in a ceremony at the Central Casino of the University, with the participation of the Director General of Student Affairs, Mg. Miguel Zuleta Cereceda, the Coordinator of the Department of Student Welfare, Patricia Astrosa Morgan, the president of the alumni of the University of Chile, Marcela Damke Marín, along with her board of directors.

Marcela Damke said that “our center aims to help students at the University of La Serena with food scholarships, which are valid for the duration of their career. This year we have also awarded the Impulse Scholarship, which consists of financial aid for students who have an exit profile. We as a center of former students want to contribute with a grain of sand to their formation, not only in the financial field, but also a contribution as a person, as a group, because many times students come from distant places of the University and that is why we want them to feel that there is a group of friends who are awaiting their development of professional and comprehensive training.

On the other hand, Patricia Astrosa commented: “For us as a Department of Student Welfare, it is extremely important to have the support of some external institutions that allow us to expand the offer of benefits to our students, in this case the one given by the center of former students from the University of Chile, who generously contribute us every year to support some students who have good performance and who also have a complex socio-economic situation. It is also an opportunity in which young people can meet professionals graduated with a vast career and academic experience, which implies the transfer of the underlying values ​​in our university community that has to do with social responsibility, ethical commitment and solidarity ” .

Written by Carlos Carvajal, DirCom