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Due to these indications, the menu of students with BAES Scholarship will register changes in their composition.

During this month of July, the Central Casino and the University Cafeteria will deliver the lunches to the students benefited with the BAES Scholarship, according to the new indications delivered by the JUNAEB through its operator EDENRED, which considers changes in both the amount and The nutritional contribution of each dish.

Also, the options that accompanied the menu: breads, juices and desserts, are no longer part of the BAES Menu, therefore, they cannot be delivered according to the new EDENRED-JUNAEB guidelines.

The Coordinator of Casino and University Cafes, Alex Arancibia, said that “with all the indications we receive, the biggest impact has to do with the composition of the menu. To date it consisted of an entree (salad or soup), main course, dessert (fruit, yogurt or processed products), juice or water and bread, that is, 5 food items. According to the new indications of JUNAEB-EDENRED, the menu must have at least three elements. Therefore, what we must deliver to comply with the indications of the BAES menu is the following: salad, main course, drink and a dessert fruit. This information has already been sent in previous months to the beneficiaries of the BAES Scholarship by JUNAEB. The objective of these changes is for a national policy that seeks to improve the health of our students with a balanced diet both in quantity and nutritional contribution. ”

It should be noted that EDENRED as operator of the BAES Scholarship must ensure that the requirements indicated by JUNAEB are met; correct operation of sales machines (POS); hygiene of the food delivery line; information about the menu and vitrofanía, which Casino and Cafeterias of the ULS are fulfilling without problems and have not had observations on the part of the operator. The requirements of JUNAEB-EDENRED seek the quality of the sales points associated with the BAES Card.

Arancibia also indicated that "we want to thank the student community for the understanding, since these changes seek a continuous improvement of the services provided by the University."

Written by Carlos Carvajal, DGAE