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Concepción and Arica were the cities where the ULS groups shared their music and joy.

Last week was a week of presentations in different galas of two of the artistic groups belonging to the Department of Extracurricular Activities of the DGAE.tunas2

First, the Azahares Women's Tuna was presented at the 20th Anniversary Gala of the Women's Tuna at the San Sebastián de Concepción University, organized by the Women's Tuna, the Municipality of Concepción and the House of Culture. 8 were the tunas invited to participate, which toured the towns near the event to share their music with the communities, who responded the love given with an invitation to share a typical lunch of the region.

The Gala took place in the House of Culture of the city, where the prickly pears made their presentation, delighting everyone present. Tuna Azahares was awarded a recognition for her performance and participation in the event. On this occasion, 13 members from La Trena traveled from La Serena (from a total of 26), including the new 3 members of the group.

The director of the Tuna, Gisella Huerta, said that “sharing with other tunas is a great experience, so we invite all students who have a musical interest, to travel, who like to share with students from other universities. We rehearse on Thursday from 18: 30 to 21: 00 hours in the rehearsal room located in the DGAE subway. It is not necessary to know how to play an instrument, here we teach them all. The invitation is for all students of any university career ”.

tunas3Tuna San Bartolomé said present in Arica

Tuna San Bartolomé traveled to the north of our country, invited to the X Meeting of Tunas and Estudiantinas organized by the Tuna of the Santo Tomas de Arica University and the Municipality of the city.

Tunas from Arica, La Serena, Copiapó, Santiago and Arequipa were presented during the event. The Tuna of the University Santo Tomás Arica was the host of this meeting, which was accompanied by: Tuna Business Economic Sciences of the Catholic University of San Pablo de Arequipa, Tuna Mayor of the University of Santiago de Chile, Tuna Candelaria of the University from Atacama, Tuna San Bartolomé from the University of La Serena, Tuna Parrandera from the Fourth Region, Salitrera Estudiantina San Marcos de Arica and Tuna from the University of Santo Tomás Arica.

The gala attendees enjoyed a show where the tunas and students presented their best repertoire. In addition to the gala, the tunos carried out more activities around the city, sharing their songs and dances with the attendees.

On the experience lived in the meeting, the Mechanical Civil Engineering student, Víctor Barrios, said that “this was my first meeting as a tuno and it was a very pleasant experience. Sharing with people from other countries and knowing their culture is very important to grow as a person. Being in the prickly pear has been one of the best experiences of my life, I was not very sociable, but sharing with people of different ages of the prickly pear helped me to develop social skills, which I apply, for example, when I speak in classes and when talking with classmates from other careers ”.

Both prickly pears continue to work to improve each presentation, proudly representing the University of La Serena.

Written by Carlos Carvajal, DGAE