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The activities related to the care of the environment.

With a week full of activities, the 18 ° anniversary of the Los Papayitos Garden was celebrated, belonging to the Department of Student Welfare of the ULS Directorate General for Student Affairs.jardin2

Community intervention to promote the care of nature was the activity that began the anniversary celebrations, strengthening the relationship between the garden and the surrounding community. In this activity the parents, guardians and preschool children participated, and consisted of cleaning the surroundings of the garden, locating posters alluding to the care of nature, in order to show the commitment we must have to protect the world that we will leave for the next generations.

To show the artistic abilities of the toddlers with their parents, the “Artistic Family Day” was organized where the families shared creating paintings where they expressed their joy for the anniversary of their garden, demonstrating their creativity, which delivered moments of joy they spread To all present.

Like last year, Circo Minero of the University of La Serena accompanied the parade that paraded through the adjacent streets of the garden. The theme of the parade was nature and for that they prepared posters alluding to the care of the environment. This is one of the most anticipated activities for children since, together with their parents, they disguise themselves to perform this tour together with the joy that the circus delivers with its artists.jardin3

The anniversary party and the celebration of Children's Day were the closing events of a special week for the Los Papayitos Garden. Inflatable games, lively show and a conviviality marked an afternoon of joy for all present.

It should be noted that the Kindergarten and Sala Cuna “Los Papayitos is a benefit for the regular students that the University of La Serena grants for the care and education of their children, while they carry out their academic activities during their university life, reaching a enrollment of 65 preschool children today.

Written by Carlos Carvajal, DGAE