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The coach and the students are grateful for the management carried out by the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, for the renewal of the team's clothing, against the participation of the team in a new version of this championship.

Through the management of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, the volleyball team of the University of La Serena renewed his sportswear, which consists of 15 shirts and shorts with institutional colors, to participate in the interregional discipline championship.

The championship takes place in the context of national university games, a sports activity organized by the National Sports Institute.

Faced with this investment, the coach of the team, Carlos Ramos, stressed that this renewal is important for the team. "Thanks to this renovation, the team today has more comfortable uniforms for sports performance and during the championship the boys felt safer when it came to face other teams," he said.

The students appreciate the management carried out and hope to continue working and improving their performance to obtain good results, considering the classification to the national instance.

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Positive was the evaluation made by the team coach against the participation of the students during this national volleyball championship, which was divided into 3 phases, 2 qualifying stages (inter-communal and inter-regional) and a national final stage.

According to this format, the team managed to overcome its opponents and stay with the first phase, reaching the qualifying and participation of the second stage of the championship, improving the results obtained the year 2018.

In the interregional stage, it was 6 teams that participated, 2 of the Maule Region, 2 of the O'Higgins Region and 2 of the Coquimbo Region, who disputed the option to qualify for the national phase.

“For the boys, this was a very good experience, at the university level we have few spaces where students can share with other peers who do the same activities. With this trip, the team was able to consolidate a lot and we hope to continue improving ”, said the coach of the men's volleyball branch, Carlos Ramos, regarding the participation in this championship.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom