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img extension term solidarity fund
This Friday, April 24, the process of filling out forms to renew the benefit of the Solidarity Credit Fund closes without delay.
Students who wish to renew the benefit for the year 2020 must carry out this process on the Phoenix ULS platform by filling out the online form and then send their supporting documents in digital form through the same platform.
It is very important that once the student completes and submits the online form, they contact the professional corresponding to the degree. The professional team of the DGAE ULS Welfare department is attentive to assist those who need it, for which, the social workers are attending remotely, receiving inquiries in their emails or email student welfare@userena.cl .
The submission of supporting documentation in digital form is already available on the platform through the same module and has a reception deadline of April 30.
The completion of the form and the delivery of associated documents are the sole responsibility of the students, so the call of the Department Coordinator. of Well-being is to fill out as soon as possible: "We call our students in a renewed condition to carry out the process and not leave this process until the last minute. The term has already been extended and cannot be postponed this Friday, April 24, at 23.59:XNUMX p.m. , on the Phoenix ULS platform "