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Creating new professionals in the Humanist area

Race Code:

Job title: Designer
Academic degree: Bachelor of Design
Duration: 10 semesters

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education: 20%
  • Ranking: 20%
  • PSU Language and Communication: 30%
  • PSU Mathematics: 20%
  • PSU History and Social Sciences: 10% *
  • PSU Sciences: 10% *

* The applicant must opt ​​for one of these two tests.

Egress Profile:

The designer of the University of La Serena has the capacity to carry out design projects, which seek to provide answers to problems. It formulates, develops and evaluates these projects in order to meet human needs in different contexts. For this, he masters scientific methodologies and design projects, which is based on participative observation, which allows him to rescue the most significant concepts of social and cultural processes in which he exercises the discipline, linking the aesthetic and ethical level in his practical-theoretical work. in making professional decisions.

Occupational field:

The graduate of the design career as a result of their learning and competences can perform in the public and private sectors without distinction, tuning in with the current and future needs of society, influencing local and global development in this way. varied fields. These can be linked to industry and commerce, from generating companies and product marketers to service companies such as print and audiovisual media both analogous and / or digital, in furniture manufacturing, tools, clothing, as well as in Education, in the levels of pre-grade, grade and post-grade, through the development of material to support teaching and research

Desirable skills:

Observation and empathy ability; broad general culture, reflective and critical spirit; creative, with initiative and capacity for self-management and ongoing training, plastic artistic sensibility.

Vacancies: 50

Studies Regime: Semiannual

Weighted: 475
PSU score - 2018 admission: 502,70 - 645,40

Information: School of Design, Campus Isabel Bongard, Amunátegui N ° 851, La Serena.

Phone: +51 2 204154 XNUMX

Accredited Career 4 years, August 2016 - August 2020. In-person mode, day shift, Sede La Serena (Accreditation Agency: AcreditAcción).

Career with System of Transferable Credits (SCT)
Career with Curriculum Renewal Valid from 2019

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