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Race Code:

Job title: Nurse
Academic degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Duration: 10 semesters

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education: 20%
  • Ranking: 20%
  • PSU Language and Communication: 20%
  • PSU Mathematics: 20%
  • PSU Sciences: 20%

Egress Profile:

The Nursing Professional of the University of La Serena provides and manages care, evidences a critical thinking in decision making and in the issuing of judgments, derived from the basic, human and disciplinary sciences. It considers the person, family and community as protagonists of their care in the health process and in the life cycle. It is identified with the universal values ​​of the profession, ethical principles, human rights. Develops leadership skills, teamwork, adaptation to social and health changes, demonstrating management skills, entrepreneurship, inquiry, commitment, social solidarity, citizen awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles in all areas of nursing care.

Occupational field:

In public or private health institutions, both in the intra and extra hospital area. At the community level, it is in charge of comprehensive health programs, in which it involves the care of the child, adolescent, woman, adult and elderly. Transversal programs such as Health Education and community intervention in urban and rural areas. Social security institutions and private companies in general.

Desirable skills:

Social sensitivity for working with people, respecting and valuing the diversity of customs, ethnicities, beliefs and ideas. Skills in interpersonal relationships; capacity for empathy and effective communication; teamwork. Ability to adapt to stressful situations and transform the environment proactively. Ability to assume ethical principles reflected in consistent behaviors as a norm of social coexistence.

Vacancies: 35
Studies Regime: Semiannual
Continuity of Studies: Specialization or Postgraduate Programs in Nursing.

Weighted: 500
PSU score - 2018 admission: 634,80 - 737,60

Information: School of Nursing, Campus Coquimbo, Avda. Matta N ° 147, Coquimbo.

Phone: 51-2 204517
Faculty Website: fciencias.userena.cl

Accredited Career 5 years, June 2015 - June 2020. On-site mode, Daytime Work, Sede La Serena, Coquimbo Campus (Accredited by: National Accreditation Commission).

Career with System of Transferable Credits (SCT).
Career with Curriculum Renewal Valid from 2012.

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