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Engineering in business administration

Engineering in business administration
Creating new professionals in the area of ​​Economic Sciences

Race Code:

Job title: Engineer in Business Administration
Academic degree: Bachelor of Tourism Administration
Duration: 9 semesters

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education: 20%
  • Ranking: 15%
  • PSU Language and Communication: 20%
  • PSU Mathematics: 35%
  • PSU History and Social Sciences: 10% *
  • PSU Sciences: 10% *

* The applicant must opt ​​for one of these two tests.

Egress Profile:

The Engineer in Business Administration with a Degree in Tourism Administration from the University of La Serena, is a professional with knowledge, skills and attitudes to: manage businesses and companies; direct, lead and work as a team; develop in highly competitive environments, with a creative and enterprising attitude and with a solid ethical and social commitment; plan, direct and coordinate actions aimed at strengthening tourism development, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Occupational field:

The Engineer (a) in Business Administration, may practice in public and private sector organizations; at strategic levels of companies of different categories and sizes, related to the administration of products and / or services. Likewise, he will have skills to develop independent consultancies and generate business. At the same time, the academic degree of Bachelor in Tourism Administration, will allow to perform in public and private organizations related to the promotion and development of tourism; non-governmental organizations that promote, investigate and disseminate tourism activity and in private tourism services companies, such as hotel establishments, restaurants, transport, travel agencies and tour operators, recreation and event producers and educational institutions, among others.

Desirable skills:

Management skills and teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and leadership. Commitment to the development of tourism activity, with an ethical and social sense. Development of skills for language learning.

Vacancies: 50
Studies Regime: Semiannual
Continuity of Studies: Postgraduate degree in matters related to tourism development and the environment, business management, leadership, communications, among others.

Weighted: 475
PSU score - 2018 admission: 542,35 - 662,10

Information: School of Engineering in Business Administration, Campus Enrique Molina Garmendia, Amunátegui with Ruta 5 Norte, La Serena

Phone: 51-2 204178

Career with Transferable Credit Systems (SCT)
Career with Curriculum Renewal Valid from 2013

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