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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering
Creating new professionals in the area of ​​computing and research

Race Code:

Job title: Computer Engineer
Academic degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Duration: 10 semesters plus Title memory.

Entry requirements:

Secondary Education: 15%
Ranking: 15%
PSU Language and Communication: 20%
PSU Mathematics: 40%
PSU Sciences: 10%

Egress Profile:

The Computer Engineer is a self-employed professional with a solid scientific-technological background, trained to understand, adapt, implement and apply information technologies with an emphasis on software engineering. , databases, and data and network communication.

Occupational field:

The Engineer (a) in Computing can perform both as an independent professional, as in public and private companies, and research institutes in any area that require the automated processing of information and its application in research, management and production.

Desirable skills:

  • Interest in technology, ability to adapt to its evolution.
  • Ability for modeling and abstraction.
  • Leadership and ability to join work groups.

Vacancies: 45
Studies Regime: Semiannual
Continuity of Studies: Postgraduate in the Specialty.

Weighted: 475
PSU score - 2018 admission: 524,90 - 692,40

Information: Computer Engineering School, Andrés Bello Campus, Cisternas Avenue No. 1200, La Serena.

Phone: 51- 2204245

Faculty Website: fciencias.userena.cl

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