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Creating new professionals in the area of ​​health

Race Code:

Job title: Surgeon (a) Dentist
Academic degree: Licentiate in Dentistry
Duration: 12 semesters

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education: 20%
  • Ranking: 20%
  • PSU Language and Communication: 15%
  • PSU Mathematics: 25%
  • PSU Sciences: 20%

Egress Profile:

The Odontology career has a strong scientific, humanistic and technological background, with solid ethical principles and social responsibility, with emphasis on the basic biomedical sciences, techniques and clinics to understand the normal conditions and relevant pathologies related to the oral health of adult populations. children's

Occupational field:

The Dental Surgeon can freely practice the profession in clinical care of patients in the public and private, urban and rural areas, primary care and secondary level care networks; performs management of health administration and direction of dental health centers, teaching in higher education institutions and research.

Desirable skills:

Interest in the field of health sciences as well as commitment in this area, social responsibility and interest in the permanent search for new knowledge.

Vacancies: 60
Studies Regime: Semiannual
Continuity of Studies: The Surgeon (a) Dentist is qualified (a) to follow postgraduate studies: Master's and Doctorate in the area of ​​health. Also access specialties such as: Orthodontics, Periodontics and Implantology, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, etc.

Weighted: 500
PSU score - 2018 admission: 647,10 - 737,15

Information: Dental Career, Campus Andrés Bello, Cisternas Avenue S / N °, La Serena.

Phone: +51 2 334952 XNUMX

Faculty Website: fciencias.userena.cl

Career with System of Transferable Credits (SCT).
Career with Curriculum Renewal Valid from 2013.

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