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Pedagogy in History and Geography

Pedagogy in History and Geography
Race Code:

Job title: State Professor of History and Geography
Academic degree: Bachelor of Education
Duration: 10 semesters

Entry requirements:

  • Secondary Education: 30%
  • Ranking: 10%
  • PSU Language and Communication: 20%
  • PSU Mathematics: 10%
  • PSU History, Geography and Cs. Social: 30%

Egress Profile:

The State professor in History and Geography with his Bachelor's degree in Education, graduated from the University of La Serena, is an education professional who is characterized by understanding the construction of knowledge in the disciplinary and didactic content. Recognizes his teaching role, investigating and reflecting on his pedagogical practice in various contexts of school culture.

It has the capacity to manage educational processes, create favorable environments for learning, know the characteristics of the students in their charge and investigate around educational problems of their professional work, with support of the new information and communication technologies.

As a pedagogue of History and Geography, he is trained to stimulate the insertion of new generations in the current world, fostering in his students the development of historical and geographical thought, contributing to their citizen formation and integral development.

Occupational field:

The State Professor in History and Geography, with a degree from the University of La Serena, will mainly work in educational establishments of secondary education (scientific-humanist, technical-professional, etc.), as well as institutions of higher education. higher education, public and private entities related to national and regional development.

Desirable skills:

  • Vocation for teaching and public service. Inquiry capacity and critical thinking.
  • Oral and written expression. Skills in interpersonal relationships, leadership skills, management and collaborative work. Habits and study discipline.
  • Digital competences

Vacancies: 50
Studies Regime: Semiannual
Continuity of studies: ----------

Weighted: 500
PSU score - 2018 admission: 553,4 - 693,2

Information: School of Pedagogy in History and Geography, Andrés Bello Campus, Raúl Bitrán Nachary Avenue No. 1305, El Pino Hill, La Serena.

Phone: 51 - 2 204346

Career Website: histogeo.userena.cl

Accredited Career 5 years, January 2015 - January 2020. In-person mode, day shift, Sede La Serena (Accreditation Agency: AcreditAcción). cna careers

Career with System of Transferable Credits (SCT)
Career with Curricular Renewal from 2019.

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