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They form the Advisory Council of the FIULS 2030 Project

The project is co-financed by the Corporation for the Promotion of Production, and the follow-up will be advised by the international organization ...

News 23-05-2019

Seminar on renewable energies put into discussion the importance of sustainability and its progress in the region

The activity counted with important guests of the area, such as Dr. Charles Meneveau, of the Johns Hopkins University (USA). With the presence of author ...

News 22-05-2019

young fest uls

Positioning the Coquimbo Region as a pole of entrepreneurship and youth innovation through the organization of a pioneer event, in festival format, is the goal of Future Young Fest, a free initiative that will bring young people together between 15 and 24 years.

Representatives of academic institutions, municipalities, entrepreneurship leaders and authorities of the region, met to constitute the directory of the Future Young Fest, project that is supported by Corfo and its Support Program for Entrepreneurship and Regional Innovation (PAEIR), which has the funding of the Regional Government and the participation of the University of La Serena, a pioneer institution in promoting entrepreneurship through different student bodies such as the Business Ideas Fairs, Entrepreneur Conferences and the realization of the Fénix Fest, which have been an inspiring source for interesting productive initiatives, including international ones.

The idea is that more than 5 thousand young people share experiences and dreams around the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, with a close language and with the topics of interest of this segment, which will undoubtedly generate initiatives of impact in the future.

"We can deliver what we are doing in innovation and entrepreneurship. This is an initiative that undoubtedly favors our young people in the region, the future of our country and will be an important contribution for us to continue growing, "said the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés who attended accompanied by the Director of the Computer and Computing Center, Mg. Luis Andrés Moya.

Future Young Fest it will also have space for music, presentations by outstanding mentors, technology, robotics, project competitions and other instances that seek to generate impact and openness to new ideas and the generation of an innovation ecosystem linked to the needs of the environment.

The meeting, scheduled for June 22 and 23, will be held in Space Peñuelas.

Written by: Claudia Farías, Department of Communications

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