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The scientific fair, conferences, mobile planetarium and exhibition brought together more than 2.300 people.

With various activities for the whole family, the eighth version of AstroDay Chile 2014 was presented. The activity that became a family outing gave the community the opportunity to interact directly with the astronomers, receive material, obtain a large amount of astronomy information and even observe by professional telescopes located in the city's main square. The Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, the director of the Gemini Observatory, Nancy Levenson, the mayor of La Serena, Roberto Jacob, and the Director of Extension, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic, participated in the inauguration.

From the 17: 00 hrs. On Saturday, the scientific fair AstroDay Chile was held, organized by the Gemini Observatory, in conjunction with the Extension Office of the University of La Serena and the Municipality of La Serena. The 21 stands of scientific and touristic observatories of the Coquimbo Region and Chilean universities that offer the careers of physics and astronomy, delivered a varied range of information on astronomy and outer space. Simultaneously in the ULS Extension Center, 5 talks were held, in addition to the mobile planetarium.

"I think it is a tremendously important activity that benefits the entire regional community. We see that there are many young people, children, adults and all show a great interest in what astronomy is (...). Happy that we as a University can contribute with our link with the environment, which is part of our task as an educational institution, "said the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

For the organizers, the response of the attendees was quite positive and far exceeded expectations. "The truth is that it has been unthinkable, because although it is true we knew that we would be open to the community, we never imagined that people would arrive before the doors opened. In fact in the morning when we were riding there were already people asking what time we were going to open and we are talking about more than 200 people who only in the morning went to pick up material, so we are very happy and we also see that this is a family outing People of all ages come, they leave happy with material and also with educational resources, "said María Antonieta García, Gemini communications manager.

astroday 2conferences

As part of these activities, a series of lectures was also held at the U. de la Serena Extension Center, which presented interesting topics in an attractive and understandable way for all ages. Even, this was just one of the most attractive features for one of the rapporteurs '' The day has been super nice, I had to make a talk about the constellations and people participated very much. There was a great age range and I liked that, it was not only focused on children (...) so it was a great experience, '' commented Abdo Campillay, astronomer at Las Campanas Observatory, who gave the conference '' Constellations ''.

Clearly, all the topics were very interesting, since very early the quotas to each one of them were finished. Among the lectures was also '' The Yellow Universe: Springfield, the Simpsons and their Covert Astronomy '', '' Astronomy in the Star Wars '' and '' Scientific errors in science fiction movies ''.

astroday 3The teacher '' Tuerca Loca ''

One of the biggest attractions of the day was Professor Crazy Nut, who through interesting experiments, took science in a fun and entertaining. The professor, who began his activities in the schools of La Serena and also dictated one of the talks, expressed his gratitude for the invitation and for the opportunity to teach entertaining science. '' One feels proud and happy to participate in these activities, to be invited one can share with them and everyone at the end enjoy the activity, we all benefit, both they learn and we for the joy of power teach them, '' he said.

Finally the authorities thanked the institutions present among which are: GAULS, Astronomy Group of the Department of Physics of the University of La Serena, ALMA, NASA Van Allen Probes Project, AURA with its Gemini observatories, Cerro Tololo, SOAR and LSST , The Bells, OPCC, Mamalluca, Cruz del Sur, Cerro Mayu, Pangue, Cancana, Collowara, Valle del Sol Carén, Tourist, Astronomical and Educational Observatory ROAN-JASE, Depto. Astronomy University of Chile (DAS), Astronomical Community Chilean Fans ALFA ALDEA Astromanía, Dept. of Tourism Municipality of La Serena and USACH with its exhibition of plates '' The Universe in the South of the World, Our Celestial Heritage ''.