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The work is part of a composition by a graduate of the University of La Serena, who will also offer world premiere musical pieces.

With the presentation '' Fantasies for Piano '' by the young musician Nicolás Véliz del Pino, the Extension Office of the University of La Serena will begin its 2014 Concert Series.

The public that attends this show, will be able to listen to compositions of its authorship, as well as a set of strings, as guest artists. The event will be held next Thursday March 27, from 19: 00 hours, at the Extension Center, located on Prat 446 street, La Serena, and its entry is released, but limited capacity according to capacity From the living room.

This is the second time that the student graduated from the Music Department of the ULS, performs a concert at the Extension Center. The musician recognizes that the experience of last January "was very pleasant and I liked the reception by the public, that's why I chose to play again at the Extension Center, especially for its intimate and close acoustics." He also revealed that his source of inspiration for composing his musical pieces, comes mainly from "the sensations that are evoked by the colors and the different degrees of light", from which several titles have been born, among which "Fluentem" Colors '' (for strings) and '' Preciosas '' (cycle of pieces for solo piano). Of the latter, Véliz will play two pieces at the next concert.

The young artist, who began composing from the 9 years with a keyboard for children, has wide expectations for the next version of this concert, with which he seeks to consolidate through several presentations in public. He also wants to contribute with social work and great contribution to the local culture, because his goal is "to bring music for piano to all people."

"Many times this type of music seems to be within a few circles, but that is something that can be changed," added Nicolás, who is currently teaching piano at Casa Chopin Academy in La Serena. The artist extended the invitation to all people who want to attend the event, to take advantage of this opportunity, especially because within the repertoire for that night will include the premiere of a recent unpublished composition under the title of '' Fantasy Nival ''.

For more information on this activity of released entry, communicate to the phone 051-2-204171, to the mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or in Prat 446.