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In the classroom, students can create digital photographic material to share through social networks or email.

'' My digital album '' is the workshop that opens the cycle of courses of the XXIV Senior Adult School, organized by the Extension Office of the University of La Serena, in conjunction with the Educational Computing Center of the house of studies .

These activities aim to alphabetize our seniors in the current digital tools. For this, the inscriptions were opened to participate in this workshop that will create a digital product, where students can stamp images of unforgettable moments of their lives, thus achieving a digital, unique and original product to share virtually.

Registrations will remain open until the 1 in April or until the total number of seats is filled and the workshop will be held from the 2 to the 28 in April, at Monday and Wednesday times of 15: 00 to 16: 30 hrs. achieving a total of 16 pedagogical hours, for a unique value of $ 6.000.

Classes will be held at the Educational Computing Center (Campus Isabel Bongard) and is intended only for seniors. Basically the goal is for each participant to create an album with their photographs. The only prerequisite is to know how to compute at the user level, that is, turn on the computer and execute basic actions.

The rapporteurs will be Eva Toro and Karina Núñez, both professionals from the Center for Informatics Education, who have worked with older adults before, which has been quite pleasant for them. "It is a very rewarding experience because the elderly give you a lot of affection and are very grateful for the treatment, the patience and the whole teaching process we have with them," said Karina Núñez.

Participants will have a support manual for each session, which will include the basic tips and key to perform the task. In addition, the teacher guaranteed a personalized course, respecting the learning times of each student and extended a cordial invitation. '' I invite all the seniors to participate in this workshop, they will not regret it, they will learn to use the technologies. Here the teachers have a lot of patience and a lot of affection towards you, so they are all cordially invited to register, "said the rapporteur.

For more information, call 051-2-204171 by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or in the Extension Center of the University of La Serena, located in Prat 446, La Serena.