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The proposal addresses issues of identity and masculinity from the emotional and historical perspective of its authors.

The permanent research and analysis of the plastic and academic artists of the School of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University, Iván Zambrano and Danilo Espinoza, give life to the interesting exhibition that this week is presented to the community in the Exhibition Hall of the University of La Serena.

Iconic and everyday elements are mixed with others of a functional nature in the work of Iván Zambrano, Master in Art from the Pontifical Catholic University. '' I use the plumb line, an element of the construction, of a basic technology that allows us to generate straight vertical lines through its weight, which in this case symbolizes the latent patriarchal and authoritarian masculinity in the last century, together with different objects that they symbolize both masculinity, as the female figure and childhood, '' said the artist.

2 divergentFor his part, the exhibitor Danilo Espinoza, Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA / Master), Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and specialist in Plastic Arts of the UPV Postgraduate Training Center, this time he presents' 'Album of Luis', a series of works inspired by the story of Luis Jiménez, cartoonist, poet and member of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) who was arrested and disappeared in 1973 when he was 25.

`` Usually, when the subject is approached, the figures of their faces, or of the posters that family members have carried for years, always come to our mind, but we never know what they were like in everyday life. For this reason I present this project, with the idea of ​​returning some of its identity or autobiography, from these images, `` he said.

The first sample of the 2014 season, was inaugurated within the framework of the XXXIII anniversary of the University of La Serena and was attended by institutional authorities, artists and guests who appreciated each of the works with interest.

The Director of Extension of the ULS, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic, expressed her satisfaction at starting a new cycle of exhibitions, with the complete programming for 2014, in a sample of the diversity and interest of national and local artists to present their proposals .

This exhibition will remain open to the public in the Exhibition Hall of the ULS (Benavente 950) from the 19 in March to the 17 in April from 2014, on Monday from 10: 30 to 14: 00 hours and 15: 30 to 18: 00 hrs., and Tuesday to Friday from 10: 30 to 14: 00 hrs. and from 15: 30 to 19: 00 hrs.