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The course will be taught between the 11 of April and the 08 of August of this year and includes theoretical and practical classes.

From the 17 of March and until the 04 of April, the applications for the Course '' Gerontological Caregivers '', organized by the Department of Extension of the University of La Serena together with the Department of Nursing of this house of studies, will be open. superiors This is the fifth version where Mg. Carmen Retamal Valenzuela will dictate this course, which includes important aspects to take into consideration for the care of the elderly.

For the academician of the Dept. of ULS Nursing, coordinator of the course, the idea is that the participants are suitable people who "have a real sensitivity in working with the elderly. You need people who feel affection and special esteem for older adults. " The professional, also, said that gerontological caregivers "are caregivers who are prepared to work with both older adults who are demobilized and those who need some care or are partially dependent," he said.

This course consists of 7 modules dedicated to the different care that should be taken towards the elderly in areas such as psychology, physical, social and spiritual development, among others. The duration is 60 chronological hours distributed between theoretical-practical classes between the months of April and until August. The theoretical classes will be held at the Extension Center (Calle Prat N ° 446, La Serena), while the practical classes will be taught in the laboratories of the Department of Nursing (Matta N ° 147, Coquimbo).

The rapporteur has had a vast experience with the subject, since she is a nurse, a graduate in gerontology, a master in applied social gerontology, an academic from the Nursing Department of the University of La Serena and has done community work with older adults since the 1998 year. the date. This course has a special dedication on the part of the academic retamal since it aims to achieve a society of healthy seniors, who age in a dignified manner and who preserve their self-preservation permanently, constituting a contribution to reduce levels of dependence in the country.

General features

Among the requirements is to be older than 18 years, have a commitment to the work of care for the elderly, have minimal basic education (know how to read and write), complete the application questionnaire, meet the personal interview with the teacher of the course (day Friday 04 of April from the 15: 00 hrs.) and have health compatible with the role of the caregiver (mental and physical).

Among the specific objectives pursued by this body are considered: to know the world, national and regional demographic reality in relation to the older adult population; Understand the importance of the ethical aspects surrounding the care of the elderly and recognize the different types of abuse towards this group; differentiate the changes that are generated with aging in a biosychosocial dimension; Identify the main basic needs that are deteriorated in an elderly person, whether dependent or self-sustaining; and develop initial skills in the management of basic nursing techniques and procedures that help the elderly to live this stage of life with dignity.

The value of the course is $ 35.000 (cash payment) and $ 38.000 (in two documented fees for individuals). Registrations will start from 04 to 07 in April and classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays of 15: 30 to 17: 00 hours. On the other hand, it is important to mention that students who pass the course will receive certification from the University of La Serena with a ceremony to be held on August 08.

For more information about this and other courses, you can attend the Extension Center from Monday to Friday at 09 time: 00 to 13: 00 hours (tomorrow) and 15: 00 to 18: 00 hours (afternoon). You can also call the 051 (2204333), 051 (2204171) and 051 (2204389) telephones.