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A night of emotions was lived in the concert dedicated to the XXXIII anniversary of the University of La Serena, offered by the ULS Symphony Orchestra, thanks to the talent of the professional cast and the soloist Víctor Araya Altamirano.

The event was attended by ULS authorities, special guests and the general public that attended the Municipal Theater of La Serena to enjoy once again the exceptional presentation that is part of the 2014 season.

This concert had the special participation of the Dutch director Marnix Willem Steffen, who narrated part of his experience that marked his debut in our country. "If you are a guest director, something like the meeting between two people, a relationship, occurs. The director comes to work with the orchestra, help her to play better and also give a good interpretation of the work they do. It is not known how the relationship will end before the concert. In this case it has been very good, the orchestra has acquired a very good style of playing, that is very good, we have incorporated details. This is a young orchestra with a desire to learn and that has a future, "said the teacher who worked for two intense weeks in La Serena.

The professional, who currently works in Peru, has developed a vast trajectory in Latin America, directing with all kinds of professional orchestras, that is why his vision regarding the contribution he can make, from his experience to the development and improvement of these cast, is an interesting challenge because he pointed out that "as the origin of classical music is in Europe, it is obviously more advanced, the orchestras are very large, but also in many cases bigger, so sometimes they do not accept changes or new ideas, that's why maybe there's a lot of ground here for directors like me to work with. ''

2 anniversary concertOn the other hand, the cello soloist, Víctor Araya Altamirano, expressed his joy and satisfaction with the work he carried out. The professional interpreter born in Coquimbo, has transformed with effort and dedication into one of the best exponents of this art.

"I am very happy with what we achieved, it has been an arduous job and I am very grateful for the generosity and support of all my colleagues who have always been encouraging me and the director who transmitted his knowledge to us," said the musician who played brilliantly. the concert in C Major of Franz Joseph Haydn.

The day concluded with the recognition of the guest director, Marnix Willem Steffen, by the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and Víctor Araya, who was recognized by the artistic coordinator of the OSULS and teacher of the musician at the University of La Serena, Rodrigo Díaz.

The audience recognized with their applause the great presentation offered by the Regional Orchestra, developed in the framework of a new anniversary of the ULS.