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The Pedagogy in Nursery Education career of the University of La Serena inaugurated the academic year with the conference: "Infant education: learning, development and cerebral plasticity" by the psychomotor, specialist in neurosciences Dr. © Jorge Hirsch, director of the Institute of Neurorehabilitation of San Juan, Argentina. Professor Hirsch has been a visiting professor at several universities in Latin America and is known for his studies in neuroscience and neurorehabilitation of children and young people as diverse pathologies that inhibit their development.

The conference focused on the characteristics of the brain and the teaching role in the first years of life as part of the epigenetic factors of development.

The event was attended by students of all levels of the race and others, as well as ULS scholars and professionals from schools and institutions that attend and educate early childhood.

In addition, Professor Hirsch was one of the speakers of the International Seminar "Inclusion in life and school: pedagogy with a human sense", organized and sponsored by CREDEULS and co-organized by the Parvularia Education career with the collaboration of the Seed Research of the same area, which took place on Friday 28 of March 2014.