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The publication of the academic José Manuel Aguayo gathers graphically (comics) the vision of students of Andacollo regarding the Religious Feast of the Virgin.

Various copies of the book "Graphic Memory of a Religious Fervor", by the academic of the Department of Arts and Letters of the University of La Serena, Mg. José Manuel Aguayo, were received by the Service of Extension of Chilean Culture (SEREC) and will be sent by this entity to prestigious universities abroad.

SEREC, a documentation service that serves the Latin American library collections of foreign universities, with which it has been in contact for more than 30 years, reported that the copies received will be sent to different universities, including Yale University, Princeton University , Harvard University, Notre Dame University, University of California, Berkeley, San Diego, New York University, Texas University, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, among others, whose libraries develop topics related to Chile, in different areas of national life: culture, philosophy , social sciences, economics, law, literature, religion, sciences, history and geography, literature, religion, art and architecture.

This work -in whose prologue the academic participates and Director of the Department of Education of the ULS, Dr. Jaime Montes-, gathers graphically (comics) the vision of the students of the Liceo Pedro Regalado Videla de Andacollo regarding the religious festivity of its commune, whose Chinese dances were declared by UNESCO (2014) as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. These young people were supported by students of the design career of the house of higher education and the teachers of the establishment.

The book "Graphical Memory of a Religious Fervor" is part of the winning initiatives of the 2017 Linking with the Environment Project Contest, the Academic Vice-Chancellor's Office and the Direction of Linking with the Medium and Extension of the state campus.