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Dialogue day

The activity was organized thanks to the management of the Interdisciplinary Center for Latin American Studies (CIEL).

Through a round table that took place in the Music Department of the University of La Serena, followed by a musical meeting called "Intercultural Dialogues" at the Municipal Theater of La Serena, the initiative focused on the "Latin American Musical Heritage" was carried out ", Carried out with the collaboration of academics Lina Barrientos, Mario Arenas, Gustavo Araya and Raúl" Talo "Pinto.

Both activities had the outstanding participation of José Pérez de Arce, an important musician, composer, museographer and ethnomusicologist, who in these instances was able to present his career, expose his work with indigenous music on the album "Son-ido", in addition to refer to his research on the diversity of archaeological instruments that have been found both in northern Chile and in the Coquimbo Region and to tell how his interest in the area of ​​music and illustration developed.

dialogo2 dayThe invitation of Maestro Pérez de Arce was developed as a result of the cultural activities carried out by CIEL, a unit made up of ULS teachers, who have developed a series of programs, among which the International Chair of Intercultural Education Rodolfo Kusch stands out.

Based on this, the academics valued the visit of the expert along with the knowledge delivered. The Director of CIEL and the Dept. State Education Department, Dr. Jaime Montes Miranda, said: "We considered it the perfect opportunity to bring him and tell us his experiences, and thus benefit the music students. Therefore, when we have the economic resources, we try to take advantage of all the opportunities, since we are doing a permanent cultural activity ".

For her part, Lina Barrientos, musicologist and ethnomusicologist of the Music Department, stressed that "the students know him through the bibliography, that's why it was fantastic that he came and they could meet him in person and listen to his own story, his version directly", this referring to the subject of Musical Ethnography, where the students were internalized about the music in the original cultures.

The guest speaker was grateful to be part of the day: "It is a great honor, I am very happy to be here because it is a unique opportunity that allows me to establish a contact that is super interesting for me, for the fact of knowing and exchange ideas about how one can do science, arts and thus advance in different lines and compare, "he said, referring to the feedback generated in this experience.

In the same line, the student of Pedagogy in Music Education, Víctor Silva, indicated that "it is valuable in the sense that it opens our eyes to many things, although the academy gives you many tools, it also gives you margins of which you can not leave, then with this type of activities you realize that it is possible to leave them ".