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theater encounter

Registrations are free and open on the extension.userena.cl site. Includes proof of participation for those who request it.

There are several activities that the Network of Arts, Cultures and Heritage of the Network of State Universities of Chile has been developing in the different regions of the country. On this occasion, the first National Encounter of Pedagogical Theater is in process of inscriptions, that will be made next Thursday 15 of November of 8: 30 to 16: 30 hrs. in the Aula Magna of the University of La Serena.

This meeting will show the experiences of different experts in pedagogical theater, who seek to value the cultural heritage of State Universities through the incorporation of the theme, delivering pedagogical tools to implement in the classroom, with new views to incorporate the theater to their pedagogical practices and seeking to modify the paradigms regarding static education in the classroom.

theater encounter2The program includes five talks and workshops, among which are "Train the Present", the academic of the University of Chile, Cristian Keim, who extended the invitation to participate in this meeting of pedagogical theater "in which my exhibition goes to to deal with what we are doing with the first year of our career, which is a race that is otherwise innovated this year and where our main concern is to work on students' present time. "

In addition, the talks "Theatrical practice in the initial teacher training at the University of Los Lagos: A look towards the dark side" will be presented, given by the academician of the University of Los Lagos, Claudio Yáñez; "Didactics of the square meter: pedagogy of space", by the academician of the Playa Ancha University, Jenny Madariaga; and the workshop "Pedagogical Theater and Nonviolent Communication in the Classroom", by the academic from the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE), Claudia Tranchino.

For its part, the participation of the University of La Serena in the conferences will be in charge of the Director of Linkage with the Environment and Extension, Catalina Cvitanic, who commented: "In my particular case I will dictate a conference that is related to a theme that we have been working on in recent years and that is the fusion of mathematics with theater, seems a bit complicated to explain, but this has been a very hard work that has been shared with colleagues from other universities and we have come to an term that we have called mathematical theater, is a recreation of mathematics through theater, but each teacher could implement it in the classroom using these ideas for any scientific subject. "In addition, the theatrical cast ÉTÉULS will present a sample of mathematical theater with the work "Start of Zero", Catalina Cvitanic production.

theater encounter3Finally, the Executive Director of the Network Framework Agreement, Mónica Quiroz, expressed that "the Network of Art, Cultures and Heritage of State Universities invite this November 15 to the University of La Serena to be part of the First Encounter of Pedagogical Theater . For you who are a teacher, for you who teach in the classroom, you are cordially invited to open up to these new teaching possibilities that will directly contribute to your professional development ".

This meeting is led by the State Universities and directed to directors, monitors, university professors and educational establishments of primary and secondary education, as well as to students of pedagogy and / or actors that integrate various theater groups and who use this tool as a didactic or pedagogical instrument.

The activity will take place in the Aula Magna of the University of La Serena, located in Calle Benavente N ° 980, La Serena, and registration is free and is open on the site extension.userena.cl.

More information at extension.userena.cl, where the program of the activity is, the details of the exhibitions and hotel and transfer data. Mail is also available This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the 51 2 204389 - 51 2 204171 telephones.

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