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sem inv human rights

The activity organized by DIVEULS and Project Mineduc - ULS 1799, is aimed at any public interested in participating in a pleasant conversation about the subject, together with two prominent speakers.

An invitation to participate in a reflective activity on Human Rights and Inclusion in an educational context, are conducting the Direction of Linking with the Environment and Extension (DIVEULS) and the Comprehensive Support Program for Students of the University of La Serena, in the framework of of inclusion and universal accessibility (ULS1799 Project).

This activity entitled "Human Rights and Inclusion: challenges and opportunities for education", will be held on Wednesday 12 December, at the 10: 00 hrs., In the ULS Magna Room, located in Benavente 980, La Serena, with liberated entrance .

In the opportunity, will guide the conversations the academic of the Catholic University of Valparaiso, Giselle Melo, and the Director of the Museum of the Memory, Francisco Javier Estévez.

This seminar is a preview of what will be the Chair Raúl Bitrán 2019, whose central theme will be: "Construction of inclusive universities for human development."

Source: Press DIVEULS