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Near 2 thousand people, of all ages, were part of the expected repertoire of the professional orchestra of the ULS.

With a significant and exciting concert aimed at the families of the Coquimbo Region, the Symphony Orchestra Universidad de La Serena starred in the heart of the regional capital, its last program of the 2018 season. It was the 'Christmas of Cultures' concert, which had the valuable support of the youthful voices of the U. La Serena Choral Ensemble, the extraordinary talent of the tenor Gonzalo Tomckowiack and the soprano Camila Gallardo and the mastery of the actresses. Claudia Hernández and Rocío Flores.

osuls navidad2This year's proposal considered an attractive Christmas story, which rescued the true meaning of these festivities: the affection and encounter with the loved ones, the joy and the expected welcome of the child Jesus; moving away from consumerism and excessive purchases that by these dates increase considerably.

In the words of the dramatist, the story "told on stage a trip through the countries of the world (...). Naturally, as it was a family concert, the story was oriented more towards children, towards magic, towards the message that gifts are not only important, because everything is distorted these days; values, people are desperate with consumption at Christmas, and anyone who can not consume suffers a lot too, and this concert was a contribution to live a different Christmas, "said Claudia Hernandez.

Near 2 thousand people filled the Cathedral of La Serena to live this magical night of music and theater, instance in which the Archbishop of La Serena, René Rebolledo, also delivered his impression: "I congratulate the Symphony Orchestra of La Serena University for this initiative. The attendance was extraordinary and I appreciated that the Cathedral temple filled with attendees. It was also very creative the program and the way it was offered. It helped us all to put ourselves in the typical atmosphere of Christmas, just as we live in other latitudes and in our country. I value the concert as a magnificent instance of preparation for the spirit that should reign in these days: joy, solidarity and preparation for the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the world, "he said.

osuls navidad3Those who most enjoyed this artistic fusion and the sounds of the world were the smallest in the house. For Joaquín Zepeda Araya, from 11 years, the concert was wonderful: "I enjoyed listening to Christmas carols from different parts of the world, and the sound of the instruments sounded very power. I also liked that in each of the carols there was a different story about Christmas, "he said excitedly.

In the case of Ana María Fernández, assiduous assistant to the programs of the symphony orchestra, this concert "was fantastic, as well as all the concerts that they offer throughout the year. In particular, this Christmas repertoire is so much expected by all, that having the chance to see them together with other great artists of the region, such as the soprano and the actresses, is really a privilege and we should be extremely proud of having artists of such great level in our city. "

For his part, Mauricio Miranda, a resident of Ovalle, said that this concert captivated him deeply, "I found it very interesting, really very beautiful because it comes out of everything one is used to seeing. They merged different artistic disciplines and that made it even more striking; the orchestra, the choir, the soloists were great, and the introduction they made to the children through the story was a very nice contribution ".

The musical journey was under the direction of another prominent regional artist, maestro Rodrigo Tapia, who was also responsible for making arrangements for each of the Christmas pieces. From his musical perception, the baton maintained that "we offered a very complete proposal for the auditors, since we played songs and carols from all over the world, many of them never heard; then a very interesting program was set up that travels by different rhythms, forms and characters, and that makes it quite interesting for everyone and nobody was indifferent. Moreover, when it is united by a beautiful Christmas story, it makes a perfect hour and a half programming. "

osuls navidad4With this free repertoire and addressed to the whole family, the group belonging to the Network of Professional Regional Orchestras of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage concludes a fruitful and colossal 2018 season, called 'The Symphony of Cultures' , which gave rise to an important list of invited directors and soloists, of great prestige at national and international level, who gave great shows.

Each of the presentations of this 2018 was made possible thanks to the valuable support and funding of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, subject to the National Budget Gloss from the 2016 year; the collaboration of the University of La Serena and the Illustrious Municipality of La Serena, through its Department of Culture and the Municipal Theater.

However, the music does not stop, as the professional orchestra is refining all the preparations to offer the community and tourists that arrive during the summer season to the Star Region, the XXXIV version of the Musical Encounters of La Serena (from 3 at 19 in January), which includes an attractive and unmissable grill of activities ranging from choral conducting courses, to formative and academic classes, and concerts with ensembles and orchestras.

Source: Press Symphony Orchestra University of La Serena

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