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symphonic transmission

The visualizations respond to agreements established by the professional group with entities, media and the municipalities of Andacollo and Vicuña.

With an inspiring and motivated season in rescuing the musical culture and the great geniuses of Europe and Latin America, the Symphony Orchestra University of La Serena programmed the 2018 season based on 'The Symphony of Cultures', the same that seized the Region of Coquimbo to share with its inhabitants magnificent symphonies of the world.

symphony transmision2The quoted musical proposal was materialized in a series of concerts in camera format, educational, special presentations and with full orchestra; these last ones carried out by an outstanding litter of invited directors and soloists of great national and international prestige.

Due to the success of this season, the group belonging to the Network of Professional Regional Orchestras of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage also established important alliances with the media of the commune of La Serena, Andacollo and Vicuña as a way to enhance their cultural and musical work, and closer links with their environment.

In the words of the executive and general producer of the professional group, Cristian Monreal Cortés, these agreements are very important for the institution: "to have new means of communication, which contribute to the dissemination of all our activities and concerts, will allow us to cover a larger area territorial, arriving with our programs to more and new audiences of the Coquimbo Region, and showing the community our musical work as a professional orchestra, "he said.

As part of the dissemination agreements, the regional orchestra was able to make alliances with the Corporate Communications Department of the University of La Serena, which broadcasts the presentations of the symphonic ensemble by the Television Network of State Universities (UESTV), of which part the state establishment.

symphony transmision3For the Coordinator of said Department, the Mg. Karina Damke, "it is important for the University of La Serena to be able to disseminate those institutional activities linked to art and culture that have a high impact on the community. It is in this context that, through the alliance established with the Symphony Orchestra, we have committed ourselves so that UESTV can publicize at the national level the work of this recognized group of the ULS, which carries out a series of extension activities of social, musical and cultural nature in the Coquimbo Region ".

Another link made this 2018 was with the Vive Chile Elqui channel, XTRUMX signal from VTR, where the concerts are broadcast twice a week. For the director and administrator of the regional channel, Cristian Rivera Contreras, one of its programmatic lines is the culture "and therefore, we always wanted to have this important alliance with the regional orchestra, in order to offer our viewers, through a product of good quality of video and audio, a close approximation of the concerts (...). The transmission of these presentations have been well received by the public, both new and captive to the music learned, and has allowed us to break down that gap that seeing a symphonic concert is not something elite, "he confessed.

symphony transmision4The work of the regional orchestra was also replicated in other destinations in the territory, reaching the mining community of Andacollo and the heart of the Elqui Valley, through the 5 Elquina TV channel. The agreement established with this last Municipality, through the Events Office, contributed to highlight the work of extension of the professional group, in addition to generating a regional symphonic music archive on the television signal: "the Symphony Orchestra, with its executive production , they have wanted to show their work because they not only perform concerts in La Serena, but they also visit different communes in the region, including ours, and we believe that this agreement comes to contribute to other cultural elements that have developed in Vicuña, "he said. Ángelo Carrasco, in charge of the Office of Persons in Situation of Disability, entity that during three years has managed that the orchestra visits the territory and surrounding rural sectors, to take symphonic concerts for free to the community.

For the benefit of the local culture and to be able to bring the learned music to more and new audiences, is that the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra has set itself the task of continuing to revitalize the existing agreements and establish others with new municipalities and media.

Note that in addition to the mentioned platforms, the orchestra's concerts can also be revived from the website itself www.sinfonicalaserena.cl, in the 'Symphonic TV' tab.

Source: Press Symphony Orchestra University of La Serena