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musical encounters

The traditional event of regional invoice seeks to conquer inhabitants and tourists with various artistic training activities and concerts. All of free income, without withdrawal of invitations.

As usual every summer, the La Serena Regional Symphony Orchestra Foundation is preparing to turn the regional capital into a great artistic stage together with a new edition of the XXXIV Musical Encounters of La Serena, an initiative proposed by the director of the 1984 year. orchestra and music manager, Fernando Rosas, with the idea of ​​taking advantage of the musical wealth developed in the commune around the legacy of maestro Jorge Peña Hen, crystallized in youth music, university musical life and the rich tourist environment present in La Serena in the summer season

musical encounters2During its foundations the Musical Encounters have allowed to summon both musicians and local groups and from other regions around the interpretation of music. Its development has extended towards musical training through courses, lectures and master classes, as well as larger orchestral concerts, with the aim of strengthening the cultural heritage of our region with projections to turn these Musical Encounters into an important Musical Festival on an international level.


For this 2019 the artistic proposal involves more than two weeks of varied activities (from the 3 to the 19 of January) divided into a training workshop, choral course and evening concerts. In an unprecedented way, this edition includes the formation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Meetings (OSJE), which will be directed by the Headmaster at the Basel Academy of Music (Switzerland) and Orchestral Direction in the Youth Orchestras Foundation , Rodolfo Fisher (Chile).

In his opinion, participating in this great event "is an excellent opportunity, as well as for professional musicians and students who will meet an audience with time and desire to discover the rich heritage of La Serena," said the guest teacher.

musical encounters3For its part, the III International Course of Choral Conduct will be held in the Music Department of the University of La Serena, from the 7 to the 12 in January during the day. This instance of improvement and learning will be aimed at teachers, musicians, music students and those who are interested in the development of the specialty of Choral Direction, with the intention of enriching and enhancing the principal instrument of the director: the gesture, through basic technical elements such as motorization, breathing, energy, empathy with the singing process and hierarchization of communication through chironomy.

The improvement will be directed by another eminence of international recognition, the teacher Fernando Tomé (Argentina), Licentiate in Choral and Orchestral Direction of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata, who from the year 2016 imparts in La Serena "the technique of the choral direction, called gestic or also known as chironomy, which is the conventional gesture of the director with which he communicates with his choirs or orchestras ". The teacher stressed that he was "very honored to be invited for the third time to teach this workshop, and the most remarkable thing is that the University of La Serena has sponsored it and is doing it its own, involving in the Musical Meetings this week of growth in coral, "he said.

For the outstanding Chilean tenor Gonzalo Tomckowiack, academic of the Department of Music of the ULS and coordinator of that course, again having the valuable collaboration of the teacher Tomé "is really a luxury due to his great career, the contributions from the point of view of the gestures and technique of the choral direction are magnificent and give this course a wonderful international level ". On the other hand, Tomckowiack added that "by allowing this course to be part of the Musical Encounters of La Serena, it gives another reality and responds to the need to improve the stakeholders of different regions that seek to be part of this workshop."

musical encounters4The last and third programmatic line are the free evening concerts (21: 00 hours), which are scheduled from the 12 to the 19 in January. The overture will be in the Magna Room Ignacio Domeyko of the University of La Serena (Benavente 980) and will be in charge of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Meeting (OSJE), the winner of the V Regional Competition Young Soloists in the university category, José Díaz Araya (xylophone), and the conduction of Rodolfo Fisher: "we are going to perform a concert with the great hits of this type of groupings. It highlights the Mexican classic 'Huapango' by J. Pablo Moncayo and 'Finlandia' by Jean Sibelius. In addition to 'L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2' by George Bizet, the 'Suite Ballet Estancia' by Alberto Ginastera and the 'Concert for xylophone by Toshiro Mayuzumi', commented the baton.

The program continues on Sunday 13 with the closing concert of the III International Course of Choral Conduct, together with the participating students, the Vocal Ensemble, University of La Serena and the director Fernando Tomé. The presentation will be at the Jorge Peña Hen Theater of the Liceo Gregorio Cordovez. Monday 14 is the concert of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal Theater: "in this concert we will take a more traditional program, including the 'Seventh Symphony' by Beethoven, the overture of 'The Hebrides' by Mendelssohn, and' Lullaby for Fuegia Basket 'by the young Chilean Tomás Brantmayer, who had a resounding success in our presentation of last season, "said Fischer.

musical encounters5From Tuesday 15 to Friday 18 the chamber music concerts will take place at the Jorge Peña Hen Theater. The first group to present itself is' D 'Entraña Cantera', made up of academics from the University of La Serena; Wednesday 16 is the turn of Cantus Florido Vocal Ensemble and Coro Allegro Academy; Later, on Thursday, 17 will present the Guitar Quartet University of La Serena; and the presentations in intimate format will conclude the Ensemble Villanueva de La Serena. Finally, the closing will take place in the Ignacio Domeyko hall with the Choral Symphonic Concert, together with the Symphony Orchestra and the University Choir of La Serena, by director Rodolfo Fisher.

It should be noted that the XXXIV Musical Encounters of La Serena are a regional event organized by the ULS Music Department and the La Serena Regional Symphony Orchestra Foundation, together with the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage; the University of La Serena, through the Direction of Linking with the Environment and Extension (DIVEULS); the Illustrious Municipality of La Serena, through its Department of Culture, Tourism and Events; the Gabriel González Videla Corporation and the Municipal Theater of La Serena.

To know more information about programming, just enter the web page: www.sinfonicalaserena.cl; as well as visiting social networks Fanpage: University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra, Twitter: @sinfonicaLS and Instagram: sinfonicalaserena

Source: Press Symphony Orchestra University of La Serena