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This recognition allows to guarantee the quality according to the national regulations and additionally it is a requirement to be a provider of the National Service of Training and Employment (SENCE).

The Training Office, dependent on the Direction of Linkage with the Environment and Extension, DIVEULS, obtained its first quality certification in the 2006 year, and from then until now it has maintained and recertified its quality management system as appropriate in annual periods. . However, the most important thing is that, in this opportunity, it is the second consecutive year in which the external audit does not show "non-conformities", which is a very positive result, since only opportunities for improvement have been received.

The Chilean Standard 2728: 2015 sets the minimum requirements that the OTEC must have to implement a Quality Management System designed to meet the needs of its customers. Through an audit, carried out by external auditors belonging to a certifying entity, it is verified that the OTEC complies with the requirements and receives the formal recognition that an external entity makes of this Quality Management System.

For the person in charge of the Training Office of the University of La Serena, Pablo Sánchez, this instance "means, first of all, the opportunity to offer our students the tranquility of being in front of an OTEC that is constantly improving and has its internal processes ordered, which undoubtedly gives us a seriousness and transparency in order to offer a better service to our students ".

On the other hand, regarding the certification given by this external company, he added that "the fact of not having any non-conformity in the last two years, is something unprecedented for many companies; which reinforces us as a team and validates our work ".

Finally, the Director of Linkage with the Environment and Extension, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic, highlighted the work of the team and what this certification means, since it shows that the quality system works optimally. "Not only have we managed to maintain the certification, but we have passed it with excellence, which confirms that a guided team work with clear processes that aim at a constant and continuous improvement, is synonymous with quality". He also stressed that "the new variable that is being incorporated in the next accreditation processes in universities is quality, therefore, our OTEC can be a reference for other units of the ULS".

This recognition allows the Office to guarantee the quality of its processes according to Chilean regulations and to be a supplier of SENCE, which means that companies can access the codified courses through tax exemption.

Source: Press DIVEULS