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These meetings seek to have a work space for the generation of alliances that promote the development of multidisciplinary activities.

Authorities, managers and executors of the various activities of Linking with the Environment of the University of La Serena, participated in the fourth meeting of the Internal Network of Linkage with the ULS Environment. In the opportunity, the "Presentation of Linking Projects with the 2016-2017 Medium" and the presentation on "Higher Education and State Universities Laws" was developed.

This instance is the fourth meeting of a network that was formed with the objective of disseminating and extending to the internal community, advances, achievements, outstanding results and challenges in the areas of the task of Linking with the Environment; and in this opportunity, it was the turn of those instances that have obtained economic resources to support and strengthen their initiatives in Linking with the Environment.

4ta reunion2For the Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. Jorge Catalán, this "is a great personal satisfaction and for the institution also, to have the opportunity to know the sharing of the academics and academics who awarded these projects of Linking with the Environment. To have that opportunity to know them, to see in detail what was done, the whole process and the products that have been achieved and how the requirements have truly been met, such as the fact that the University has everything that it can contribute in the research, technological, professional, cultural, artistic, to the community, but at the same time benefit from that interaction with the community in their own training processes ".

Since its inception, these meetings seek to have a working space for the generation of internal alliances that allow and enhance the development of activities or actions of a multidisciplinary nature, which impact the internal and external environment and which has also strengthened the accreditation of this House of higher studies.

"This network contributes to generating a much-needed articulation among the academics who are Linking with the Environment. DIVEULS supports each initiative in this area, through dissemination, coordination, logistics, etc., but clearly it is essential that the departments and other units of the University maintain a more fluid communication about the actions they carry out. In this sense we have seen with great pleasure that there are projects that contemplate an interdisciplinary work ", said the Director of Linkage with the Environment and Extension, Dr. Catalina Cvitanic.

Source: Press DIVEULS