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For two and a half weeks the regional capital became the scene of great artistic proposals of the choral type, chamber music and orchestra, gathering around 8 thousand participants.

With a closure marked by the 6.7 earthquake that shook the Coquimbo Region a few days ago, the La Serena Regional Symphony Orchestra Foundation ended more than 15 continuous days of music and training workshops, framed in the successful XXXIV Musical Encounters of La Serena . The new version had the participation of great figures from Chile and Argentina, and addressed various artistic proposals, both in formats and activities, linked to the musical interpretation.

The multitudinous event of regional invoice brought together about 8 thousand participants and was divided into three important programmatic lines. The first one began with the mediation activities directed to the music students of the territory, who formed the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Los Encuentros (OSJE), a group created in an unprecedented way for this festive, and which had the collaboration of the heads of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra, and the impeccable address of the guest teacher and management teacher at the Basel Academy of Music (Switzerland), Rodolfo Fischer (Chile), with whom they inaugurated the week of evening concerts in the regional capital.

musical encounters24 2Another of the activities developed was the III International Course of Choral Conduct, with the guidance of another talented teacher: Fernando Tomé (Argentina), with a degree in Choral and Orchestral Conduct from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata. The perfecting instance had the collaboration of the Vocal Ensemble of the University of La Serena, by the national tenor Gonzalo Tomckowiack, where they participated near 25 participants, between active and listeners, who learned how to communicate with their choirs or orchestras through the gesture.

Miguel Platero, music teacher of Arican origin, decided to participate again in this course: "I was in the edition of last year and in this one, and the clear difference is that in this opportunity we were able to deepen in all the technical aspects of the directions itself ( ...) To thank Gonzalo Tomckowiack because he made his choir available, with pieces learned, therefore, the technical work that was done is very important. Those of us who have been managing for a long time, it is vital to perfect ourselves and improve the technical and interpretative aspects, "he said.

In maestro Fernando Tomé he was happy and satisfied to teach this new choral conducting workshop, which was reflected in the second night of concerts: "It was a barbarous thing and with a concert where 16 directed people accompanied by a magnificent choir of professional level. The seriousness with which we worked on the week, the intensity of the participants, the number of hours of rehearsal and the evolution they had every day was incredible. " And he added that the important thing is that "the resources that one could humbly incorporate could be used in the tasks they do daily with the ensembles they direct, because they are the formators of the singers. In this area there is a potential for coral activity out of the ordinary ".

musical encounters24 3Evening concerts

The programming of the XXXIV Musical Encounters of La Serena continued with the monumental concert of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Rodolfo Fisher, who conducted Beethoven's 'Seventh Symphony', the overture of 'The Hebrides' by Mendelssohn , and 'Lullaby for Fuegia Basket' by the young Chilean Tomás Brantmayer. The Festival also featured chamber music concerts by the groups 'D' Entraña Cantera ',' Ensemble Vocal Cantus Florido 'and' Academia Coro Allegro ',' Guitar Quartet University of La Serena 'and' Ensamble Villanueva de La Serena ', where the repertoire, composition and talent of the artists thrilled those present in each of their days.

Gloria Bullard, who attended to see the group made up of ULS academics, said that "I was intrigued to listen to 'D' Entraña Cantera 'because I imagined it was a cantata, but I did not know anything else. It was a different, interesting and very special proposal; In addition, I loved the mixture of poetry with music because they make a wonderful duo, added to the beautiful voice of the performer, gives a lovely result and I liked that a lot. "

While Jaime Arce, who attended the concert starring the 'Guitar Quartet', said the program seemed "very interesting, with a great interpretation of the musicians, who, by the way, are very talented. I found the music beautiful and very consistent with this type of formats. In particular, I really liked Violeta Parra ", thanking for the rest the creation of these spaces that contribute to the culture and recreation of the inhabitants. I think it's pretty good that La Serena are doing this kind of free cultural activities, I think people need these types of events, they need to recreate and leave this bubble in which we are inserted and this, the music, is a beautiful way to do it. "

musical encounters24 4Jaime Plaza, meanwhile, who enjoyed the 'Ensemble Villanueva de La Serena' proposal, commented that he attended this concert because "he wanted to learn from popular music that is outside of traditional standards, besides knowing a little more about the string instruments and be able to enjoy these open access spaces with something that I really like, such as music ".

The concerts ended with the presentation of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra, which was interrupted by the strong 6.7 earthquake that shook the Coquimbo Region. The concert featured the talent of the ULS Student Choir and two great guest soloists: the baritone Nicolás Suazo Tello and the soprano Tabita Martínez Riveros. The latter was very pleased by the invitation to participate in this version of the Musical Encounters, stating that "always are valuable instances of delivering music for free, where it is allowed to expand much more the genre of opera, and in this festival have been I've tackled many styles and that shows that learned music opens up to people who do not usually listen to it, and that's very good. "

Note that the XXXIV Musical Encounters of La Serena is an event of regional importance that was born in the 1984 year by the hand of the conductor and music manager, Fernando Rosas, with the idea of ​​taking advantage of the musical wealth developed in the commune around from the legacy of maestro Jorge Peña Hen. Currently, the festival is organized by the ULS Music Department and the La Serena Regional Symphony Orchestra Foundation, thanks to the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage; the University of La Serena, through the Direction of Linkage with the Environment and Extension (DIVEULS); and the Illustrious Municipality of La Serena, through its Department of Culture, Tourism and Events, the Gabriel González Videla Corporation and the Municipal Theater of La Serena.

In these days, the Symphony Orchestra University of La Serena is preparing its concert 'The 80's symphonic', within the framework of the ARC 2019 Festival of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

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