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japan weekend

One of the three massive activities was the traditional Tea Ceremony, which was held in the Japanese Garden of La Serena, thanks to the constant collaboration of CAP Mining.

Conferences, workshops, cosplay contest, concert and tea ceremony were the details of the extensive program presented in the 2019 version of the Japan Weekend ULS, an activity organized by the Department of Liaison with the Environment and Extension of the University of La Serena (DIVEULS ), in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Chile and the Chilean-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

japan weekend2More than 500 people were part of this habitual approach in the month of January between the Coquimbo Region and Japanese culture, from its different areas of everyday life. The program began with the conference "Japanese Influence on the Development of National Video Games", dictated by the designer and entrepreneur Cristian González, director of the videogame company Iguanabee, who shared his experience in the subject and his achievements at an international level.

Later, the Cosplay Contest was held, an activity that in its seventh version was a window for those people who spend time, work and economic investment to characterize their favorite characters, this time only Japanese. The winners were: Antonia Estivales and Nataly García (honorable mention), Ayumi Katamisawa and Kata Ramos (second place) and Paloma Herrera (first place).

The following day was marked by the visit of the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Japan in Chile, Ko Takahashi, who gave the conference "Japan and Chile: fraternal and strategic cooperation." In this regard, the cultural attaché stressed: "I am very impressed by the attendance to the activities and I am very grateful for this activity that has spread Japanese culture for many years (...) Almost all the activities are concentrated in Santiago, it is a concern that we have since the Embassy, ​​so the regionalization of Japanese culture is very important for us. "

japan weekend3Subsequently, the conference "Japan through songs, festivals and their stations" was held, given by the JICA volunteer at the University of La Serena, Ritsuko Kohara. The activity was attended by ULS Human Resources Director, Hector Bugueño, who indicated that "I have rarely seen that in an hour the topics associated with such a complex culture such as Japanese are chosen so well and that we are left with everything. the audience so clear. I would say that she was very intelligent in choosing essential themes of Japanese culture that we were able to learn today and that it is also an opportunity to give value to Japanese culture. "

The workshops addressed to the community were "Origami", dictated by Harumi Matsuzaki, and "Chigirie", dictated by María Cristina Pérez de Arce, both with full quotas and an excellent response from the community. To finish the second day the concert of Japanese music of the performers Mike Komilla (soprano) and Namie Kurokawa (piano) was performed.

japan weekend4Tea ceremony

To finish the program, the traditional Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) was held, a Japanese ritual that explains the way to prepare green tea or matcha, in which a small group of guests participate in a quiet environment. This activity is presented at each completion of Japan Weekend and is expected by the regional community, as it is a significant manifestation of traditional Japanese history and culture.

This final activity was carried out in the Japanese Park of La Serena, in collaboration with the Instituto Cultural Chileno Japonés and CAP Mining.

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