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expo retorica1

The exhibition brings together the work of the students of the career, where through photography they present different realities and themes from the perspective of journalistic work.

With the aim of linking the work of the students of the Journalism career of the ULS with the community, the photographic exhibition "Visual Rhetoric" was inaugurated, showing what was done in the area.

expo retorica2The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Dr. Luperfina Rojas, valued the initiative and collaboration of the students since "it has an enormous value because it is the effort and learning that they have had. This has already been eight consecutive years and as a Faculty that fills us with joy because one here sees students who are committed, "he stressed.

The exhibition is assembled in conjunction with the Direction of Linking with the Medium and Extension (DIVEULS) of the campus, and brings together the work done by students of the journalism career, where through photography they present different realities and themes from the focus of the journalistic task.

"This exhibition has the particularity that it is within a subject, it is an activity that makes visible and puts in value the work done by the students of the School of Journalism in photography subjects, which is within their curriculum and, In this way, a teaching and learning process is completed that allows the community to visualize it and also allows the graduation profile to be realized in real actions, "said the School Director, Mg. Cristian Muñoz.

expo retorica3Instances as you are contribute to the training of future professionals. That is why for the Director of Linkage with the Medium and Extension ULS, Mg. Carlos Varas, "these works go beyond the artistic because students are formed with critical thinking, they see the social reality and a social responsibility is generated that is a hallmark of the Educational Model of the University of La Serena."

The free sample and exhibition cycle 2019 of the DIVEULS, will be open to the public until May 24 and can be visited in the Exhibition Hall of the house of studies, located at Benavente 950, La Serena.

Written by Consuelo Peña, School of Journalism