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The program was assimilated to being on a roller coaster, due to the contrast that the selected pieces will have for this musical trip.

“When a concert is inspired by enthusiasm and fun, great works such as Händel and Mozart are scheduled, which are clearly works that fulfill, in the best sense of the word, the goal of fun. And, on the other hand, we have a work by Farías that we are going to contrast with the Czech Dvořák suite. These works have in common that they represent what the composer wants to convey from the point of view of fun, of satisfying the need to bring the joy of music to people ”, deepens Helmuth Reichel Silva, the young and daring baton she will direct the IV Season Concert of the University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra.

sinf2As the director says, the programming that will put the finishing touch to the month of June is entitled: 'Enthusiasm and Fun'. A new state of the soul through which we will travel soon, which will have two new destinations in the region as its scenario and that seeks to embody the most beautiful symphonies of the European and Chilean repertoire. These include the Suite 'Music of Water N ° 2' by the German composer George Frederic Händel, 'Ligereza', a piece of Chilean origin written by maestro Miguel Farías, the 'Czech Suite, Op.39' by the Czech composer Antonin Dvořák and the 'Concerto for flute No. 2 in D Major', by the Austrian genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which will be starred by the outstanding performer of the professional ensemble, Milén Godoy.

In the words of the soloist, Mozart's concert for a flute in D Major “is one of the classic concerts of the universal repertoire of flute players. It is a roller coaster of emotions, expresses the diverse moods and personality of the composer; at very happy times and at times, it is a hymn to avoid the nostalgia and pain that was consuming Mozart at that time. It is a great challenge that interpreters have when playing this piece, because we must show the differences with different energies and also make music, ”says Godoy.

For Helmuth Reichel the piece that Milén will embody is about “a beautiful work that is originally for oboe in another shade, which is C Major. The interesting thing is that in Mozart's time there were some concerts that were written for an instrument, but that were also performed in others and this is a case in point. While the music is the same, it changes the instrument and also changes the atmosphere; just because of the fact that the solo instrument has another color, another timbre and that makes a very clear difference with respect to the oboe concert. The brilliance that the flute has makes the work have a much clearer liveliness and stand alone. So it is a beautiful opportunity for the public to listen to this concert for flute, which is not done very often; then it is very interesting to have this work in the program, ”says the young director.

One trip, two destinations

The program is scheduled to visit two cities in the Province of Elqui, being the first stop in the municipality of Coquimbo. The meeting will be in the Performing Arts Hall of the Palace Cultural Center, next Thursday, June 27. And on Friday, June 28 is the turn of the Aula Magna of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus of the University of La Serena. Both presentations will be made at 20: 00 hours and is free of charge without withdrawal of invitations.

It should be noted that the development of this season is carried out thanks to the support and financing of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, which since 2016 has been attached to the National Budget Gloss; in addition to the important institutional support provided by the University of La Serena, through the Directorate of Linking with the Environment and Extension (DIVEULS); the Municipality of La Serena, through its Department of Culture; and the Municipality of Coquimbo together with its Department of Culture.

Written by Camila Pérez, University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra