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The second program will be invited by María Inés Bravo and will be broadcast this Sunday by Radio Universitaria FM, the radio station of the University of La Serena.

The author and composer María Inés Bravo, with a wide repertoire in many regional groups, is the guest of the second program of the new cycle of FM University Radio programs, which highlights the musical work of women in our Region of Coquimbo.

María Inés Bravo belonged to the Los Peregrinos group and the Quilanquen and Coinahue groups, among others. Recently, Coinahue released an album with part of his songs. A work about Gabriela Mistral is authored, and soon her songs will be performed by a symphony orchestra in the area.

“In a very entertaining and cordial interview she sings to us live accompanied by her husband Raúl Argandoña and tells us part of her musical achievements. María Inés Bravo is a teacher already in retirement who enjoys being able to continue teaching through her songs, ”said Raúl“ Talo ”Pinto, conductor of the radio space that will be broadcast this Sunday 14 from July at noon.

“Women authors and composers of the Coquimbo Region” is a project financed by the Social Media Fund of the Government of Chile and the Regional Council, which aims to make known to the community the musical work and composition of various Authors of our area.

Listen to this second program through the 94.5 FM and its online signal.