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Expo Beans

"Sowing Beans" opens the October 10 at noon and will be open to the community until the October 30, with entry released.

A magic bean is a seed that after being sown grows and grows without stopping until it reaches so high that you cannot see its end or the top of the plant. This beautiful story of children's stories inspires the Magic Bean Cultural Association, which conforms under this name and starts a constant struggle so that regional illustrators can have a space and the community knows their work. From this union of artists, its first itinerant exhibition called “Sowing Beans” is born, a gallery that already has a regional tour and that this time will be exhibited at the University of La Serena for free.

In this regard, the manager and director of the Magical Bean Cultural Association, Javier Fredes, stressed that “it is the first itinerant exhibition of illustration in the region, and thanks to all the institutions that have supported us we can 'sow these beans' in the garden that is our region, and so they can leave and that the whole community can know their work, not see the work of illustration only as a hobby, but that it is understood that this work is a profession and there are people in the region who live on this. "

The exhibition will be open to the community, with admission released, from the 10 to the 30 of October during the 10: 30 to 13: 00 hrs. and from 14: 30 to 18: 00 hrs. from Monday to Thursday and from 14: 30 to 17 hrs. on Friday, in the Exhibition Hall, located in Benavente 950, La Serena. This activity is part of the 2019 exhibition cycle of the Directorate of Linking with the Environment and Extension of the University of La Serena.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS

Credit illustration Juan Carlos Cortes @ juanca.cortes