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mistral book

This work continues the link that the U. de La Serena has had for many years with the Chilean poet, diplomat and pedagogue.

"Touring the Elqui Valley with Gabriela Mistral", selection of texts and liminal references of Jaime Quezada, with epilogal note by Sonia Montecino, is the latest publication of the Editorial of the University of La Serena, available as a novelty 2020 in the ULS Library , located at Los Carrera 207, La Serena.

This book presents a selection of texts of yearnings, anecdotes and impressions of the Elqui Valley, related to the landscape, the skies, the territory, food and animals. In this regard, the head of the Editorial of the University of La Serena, Alejandro Abufom, referred to the work that involved this publication and some relevant data in its realization. “Jaime Quezada proposed this compilation project, which we thought was a very interesting idea. It was a long work of about a year and a half, where in addition to the compilation, we took the texts and gave them to a couple of regional illustrators called ´Camipepe´ and asked them to illustrate some parts of this book, ”he said.

At the same time, Abufom highlighted the quality of content and printing of this publication. "It is a very nice book, very good invoice, full color and brings together the words of Gabriela Mistral in a very harmonious way about her homeland."

It should be noted that the illustrators “Camipepe” are 2 regional artists who participated in this project, which coincides with the work that the ULS Editorial has been developing to promote regional work and the professionalization of the book industry, a theme in which precisely This year, the University of La Serena was awarded a project of around 11 million pesos from the National Fund for the Promotion of Books and Reading, which it considers carrying out an editorial design workshop.

Regarding this initiative, Alejandro Abufom indicated that “our obligation as a university publisher is to promote the professionalization of the book industry in the region, therefore, we are privileging young illustrators, with great potential such as Camipepe. They are simple, very colorful illustrations, but with their own style, very distinctive of these two boys, and we hope to work with other illustrators in the region in the future ”.

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVEULS