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book fair

The invitations are for Saturday 8 and Monday 10 February.

A new version of the traditional Book Fair of La Serena, in its XXXV literary meeting, will take place between January 30 and February 15 in the Gabriel González Videla square. On the occasion, the Editorial of the University of La Serena in addition to participating with a stand, as usual at this time, will present 2 of his most recent publications, entitled “The indigenous place names of the North Boy” (2019), by the author Herman Carvajal Lazo, and “Touring the Elqui Valley with Gabriela Mistral” (2019), a selection of Gabriela Mistral, made by Jaime Quezada.

Alejandro Abufom, in charge of the ULS Publishing and Bookstore, stressed that "book presentations are a way of bringing authors closer to the public and contextualizing the work in the author's words or through a presenter. I like to call them releases. since the world is officially told "here we have another human work, another prodigy of our kind: the language encoded in words".

The presentation of “The indigenous place names of Norte Chico (2019)” will be introduced by its author and CEHRC (Center for Historical Studies of the Coquimbo Region) on Saturday, February 8, at 19:00 p.m. and “Touring the Elqui Valley with Gabriela Mistral” will be presented by Paula Ceballos (Mg. Gender and Culture; teacher and editor) and Camipepe (Illustrators of the book) on Monday, February 10, at 20:00 p.m.

In response to the launching site and the opportunity to do so in the showcase provided by this fair, Abufom added that "launching them at the La Serena Book Fair is very significant for our University, because we are the State University of the Coquimbo Region and Our contents are mainly local and designed for our communities.We are grateful that this fair continues to be held year after year, despite the difficulties and challenges, because it is one of the important fairs we have in Chile.A tremendous effort of the municipality of Serene, a whole tradition that makes us proud. "

Written by Jenifer Araya, DIVULS