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The coronavirus emergency has generated a turn in the regular activities on our borders and the professional cast joins these measures, through their social networks.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 in Chile and the health alert implemented by the Government, activities around culture in our country have been reduced. Due to this, the symphonic ensemble of the Coquimbo Region and, in turn, the cast belonging to the Network of Regional Professional Orchestras of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, has decided to give a twist to its musical programming.

The measures aim at people staying at home and avoiding any type of exposure that damages their health and that of their family. Consequently, the Universidad de La Serena Symphony Orchestra invites its followers present in Chile and around the world to become part of the 2020 season through its different digital platforms. “Due to the contingency we are at home; therefore, we invite you to share through social networks where each week we will upload videos of our musicians, educational capsules and also videos of our previous seasons, ”said the concertmaster and artistic director of the cast, Leonardo Godoy Sepúlveda, through a video.

In the audiovisual capsule, the musician also clarifies that "the program proposal for 2020 will undergo some adjustments due to the health contingency", but that it can already be reviewed and downloaded by entering www.sinfonicalaserena.cl.

To know the activities that the professional group will be carrying out during this quarantine, you can visit their YouTube channel or visit their social networks, such as Fanpage: Universidad de La Serena Symphony Orchestra; Instagram: @sinfonicalaserena and Twitter: @sinfonicaLS

Written by Camila Pérez, University of La Serena Symphony Orchestra